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When will Anne Curtis return to acting?

Anne Curtis discusses when she will do her showbiz comeback.

When will Anne Curtis return to acting? -PUSH TEAM


11/11/2020 10:06 AM
When will Anne Curtis return to acting?
Photo Credit: @annecurtissmith Instagram

Though she is still on showbiz hiatus, Anne Curtis shared that she has been receiving movie offers already. But the actress stressed that she is in no rush to go back to work.

Anne is currently in Australia with her family and has been dedicating her time to be a full-time mom to her daughter Dahlia.

“I wouldn’t say na I’m in a rush to start working again, just because lalo na for the first year of Dahlia’s life, I really want to be there for her, and really see all the firsts that will happen,” she said in an interview with Tim Yap on his online show.

She added, "I just feel very happy and blessed that I get to spend this much time with her, na talagang 24/7 magkasama kami."



While she has already received movie scripts, she relayed that hasn't read them yet.

“I haven’t been reading scripts yet. I think I will probably start that next year pagbalik ko. Patapos na rin naman ang taon. So come January, I’ll probably start reading," she stated.

However, Anne said that she will not return to shooting a movie anytime soon. 

“I don’t think I’ll start shooting until Dahlia is one," she said. 



When asked what she is looking for in her next movie, Anne replied, “For me, it really boils down to a really good script. I really like to add to the versatility and different genres that I could experience and tackle as an actress."

She added, “It makes it more fun for me, being able to challenge myself with different roles that are completely different from one another.”

Anne gave birth in Australia last March.

In an interview with G3 San Diego in September, the actress shared that giving birth in Australia was a last minute decision. 

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“Actually, it was a last minute decision really. Kasi I’d already chosen a doctor and a hospital and then, parang last minute I decided na parang I was working so hard kasi. And parang hindi nila ako mapigilang mag-work. So I felt that one way that would really get me to stop working is to just kind of be here,” she stated in the said interview.

She added that her mother Carmen also played a big part in her decision to give birth in Australia. 

“And major factor then kasi was being with my mom. Lalo na it’s my first baby and having her help me through it, ‘yun ‘yung naging parang du’n nalang ako para mas tahimik, mas quiet. I can really just focus on the first few weeks and months of my baby daughter’s life,” she said.