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WATCH: Pinay singer turns emotional as K-Pop group BTS praises her ‘Boy With Luv’ cover

Ysabelle Cuevas couldn’t help but turn emotional over BTS’ reaction to her cover of ‘Boy with Luv.’



11/01/2020 08:49 PM
WATCH: Pinay singer turns emotional as K-Pop group BTS praises her ‘Boy With Luv’ cover
Photo Credit @itsysabellecuevas on IG

Ysabelle Cuevas, a Pinay singer known for putting her own flavor to various song covers, turned emotional after finding out that BTS — particularly Kim Tae-hyung — saw her cover of the K-Pop group’s hit “Boy With Luv.” 



Seven-piece group BTS — which made an appearance on women’s lifestyle brand Glamour’s YouTube channel— was asked to watch covers of their hits including “Dynamite,” “Black Swan,” “Idol,” “Boy with Luv,” and “Fake Love.” 

One lucky Pinay singer who goes by the name Ysabelle Cuevas made it to the list and BTS had nothing but praises for her English cover of "Boy with Luv." 

Wow, the vibe is totally awesome,” Jungkook said. “I love this. Yeah, the arrangement is fantastic,” J-Hope stated. V added: “She did such a good job.” 



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J-Hope, who seem to can’t get enough of Ysabelle’s performance, said after watching the video:  “Wow. I gotta find this and listen to it again.” To which RM added: “Me too, me too.” Jimin, on the other hand, said: “She has great talent and energy.” 

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Glamour reached out to each of the artists to let them know that BTS had seen their videos and made them watch the boys react to their performances. 



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Ysabelle Cuevas, for her part, turned emotional and said: “Oh my gosh. I feel like I’m flying through the sky right now.” 

Recalling her experience watching the boys perform live, the singer — whose bias is V — said: “This is crazy. I remember watching them last year in concert. And I was at the nosebleed section. Taehyung was this [tiny] big.” 

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On why she does song covers of BTS in English, she said: “I love their songs so much and I think they have so much meaning to them that it doesn’t always translate to the people who are not familiar with the language that’s why I started [doing] English covers.”

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Still in disbelief that V saw her performance, she said: “It’s just so wild that V has seen my face. He’s my bias.” 

Ysabelle also gave a message to the boys and said: “Keep being awesome. You inspire so many people out there and you literally have pulled me through some hard times in life and I’m grateful for it.” 

Watch the video below:  


At the end of the video, each member of the group shared their reactions to all the performances — including Ysabelle’s. 

Just the fact that you are singing our songs like this makes us so happy. Just hearing our songs sung by different people is really fascinating and great to see,” Jin said. 



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Because you created your own interpretations of our songs, we feel inspired again. It’s been very helpful to see how our songs can be interpreted in so many ways.” 

We can see that you covered our songs with so much love. Going forward, we will anticipate seeing more cover videos and we will work harder to make better songs.” 

Ysabelle released her cover of “Boy with Luv” in April 2019. 


This is not the first time Ysabelle gained international attention. Just this year, she won YG Entertainment’s contest which highlighted the song by one of the members of its newest group called “Treasure.” 

"Boy with Luv" is BTS' collaboration with American singer Halsey.