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  • A team of interior designers transformed Bela Padilla’s new apartment into a quaint boho home in less than three days.

WATCH: Bela Padilla’s new home transformed in less than three days

A team of interior designers transformed Bela Padilla’s new apartment into a quaint boho home in less than three days.



10/08/2020 04:02 PM
WATCH: Bela Padilla’s new home transformed in less than three days
Screenshot from Mr & Mrs B of Moss Design House YouTube Channel

Bela Padilla had her home “fluffed” or quickly transformed without major constructions in two and a half days. 

The 29-year-old Kapamilya star, who recently left her 300 sqm. condo for a 100 sqm. flat, decided to have it redesigned before moving in. 



I waited till my swab test result came back negative before posting anything. And I didn’t think I’d leave the country at all this year, but life really has to start moving again. As seen in this photo, my head is still up in the clouds in Cappadocia. I’m really super thankful that my job takes me to places I’ve never been before or never thought I’d go to...because honestly, I’m not one to go to touristy places, so Cappadocia was low on my list of places to visit. But now, I consider it one of my safe havens. Cappadocia is so beautiful and charming. They have great food and wine and even better people. I luckily got to meet some of the best ones! Their street animals are kind and calm, a great testament to how their treated. And the view is just beautiful from any point. (My peripherals haven’t been as blessed as they have in the last two weeks.) I love everything about this trip so so much. So I’ll slowly share what I went through in Cappadocia. ❤️ 📸 by @nocir 🥰

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Moss Design’s Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran and her husband Mado Beltran took on the challenge of renovating Bela’s new home into a quaint boho apartment. 

According to Cyndi, she had to do some research about Bela to make sure she met the demands of her lifestyle with the kind of transformation they were going to make with her living room, dining room, and bedroom

“It was very important talaga for me to know Bela not as the celebrity but as a person because I wanted to make sure that whatever we’re designing for her is something that’s really suitable in her lifestyle,” Cyndi said. 

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On working with Bela, Cyndi said: “Working with Bela is just a pleasant experience, ‘di ba? I mean, she’s so hands-on. We were assembling furniture together.”

With the entire renovation almost done, Cyndi expressed how happy she feels to be able to give Bela what she wanted right from the start. 



“I’m really happy with how it turned out. I feel like we created this space that was really reflective of her personality. I love that everything that she said she wanted was given to her. That beautiful rich green couch was just a really good piece in her living room,” she said. 

On the day of the reveal, the award-winning Kapamilya actress expressed how happy she was with how everything turned out. 

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“Oh gosh. This is so different. Wow. Ang ganda,” Bela said of the tropical wallpaper. “The first thing that really caught my eye was the wallpaper by the door.” 

Bela, who specifically related to the look of her living room, said she loves how simple they redesigned it. 



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“I love how the living room is so me. I see my books everywhere like in the little areas. They’re hidden there, still. And my favorite is the two pillars of books. I love how simple it is. The fact that there’s no too overbearing covering the books — it’s just plain out there. Like it feels like the stories are just waiting for you to pick them up,” Bela stated. 

Watch the video below: 

“The fact that they were able to pull this off in two and a half days in the middle of a pandemic — and it rained like crazy today — that is insane to me,” she said.