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Did you know? Michelle Madrigal met her husband on Tinder

Michelle Madrigal ‘swiped right’ for her husband Troy Woolfolk.



10/04/2020 12:16 PM
Did you know? Michelle Madrigal met her husband on Tinder
Screenshot from Michelle Madrigal YT Channel

Over the weekend, a video of Michelle Madrigal and her husband Troy Woolfolk resurfaced on the internet and it took Twitterverse by storm as it revealed an interesting fact about their relationship which a lot of young couples can relate to — Tinder.

On Twitter, a netizen shared a snippet from a vlog from a year ago uploaded on The Woolfolks YouTube channel. In the said vlog, Michelle and her husband answered a number of questions from fans including how the two of them met.


As it turns out, the couple met on swiped “right” on each other on dating app Tinder. “Tinder. Swipe swipe. She gave me the star. I was the Star of the Day,” Troy Woolfolk shared. 

“Yeah. We met through Tinder, a dating app. We went out. We did start talking on like a weekend. Sunday, right? Where we swiped. And then we met up on a Wednesday and then we went out again on a Saturday with his friends. And the rest is history,” Michelle added.

“And then we did a hanky-panky on a Sunday,” Troy said in jest.

See the full video below:

Meanwhile, the couple did another question and answer which tested how well they knew each other and one of the things the couple discussed was who’s more jealous between the two of them.

“I would say for me, you. You’re more jealous,” Michelle told her husband.

“Usually, yes. But you’re not jealous until you are which is weird. ‘Cause like I don’t know how to explain it but you don’t give out jealous vibes but then if a scenario comes up for you to be jealous, you’re jealous,” Troy admitted.

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He added: “It just shocks me every time ‘cause I definitely never see it coming. So I would say we’re equal. I’m just more vocal and obvious with my jealousness. I ain’t afraid to say it.” 

Watch the video below: 

Troy and Michelle got married in 2019. They have a daughter named Anika.