Shaira Luna now a music video director

How did Shaira Luna get into directing music videos?

Shaira Luna now a music video director-Jeff  Fernando
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10/29/2020 01:26 PM
Shaira Luna now a music video director
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Markado si Shaira Luna bilang isa sa mga wiz kid na ipinakilala noon sa isang ad campaign ng isang infant formula brand. Siya ay naging isang fashion photographer at ngayon ay nagdi-direk na ng music videos.

Sa ating exclusive interview with Shaira, naikwento nya kung paano nagsimula ang bagong career bilang direktor.

“I'm still first and foremost a photographer. My work in commercial and fashion photography still takes up the bulk of my time, and I'm always grateful—although also always surprised—whenever I am approached with a request to shoot a music video. Nag-aalangan talaga ako minsan, because I have no film background, unless you count my beginnings as a band photographer back in the early 2000s, when I used to take behind the scene photos during music videos,” sabi ni Shaira.

Wala sa plano ni Shaira na maging isang direktor ng music videos ngunit dito nagbubukas ang opportunities niya sa ngayon.

“So I guess hindi naman siya accidental, and hindi rin planado. It's more of a natural progression, since I was often told that my photos sometimes look like scenes from movies, and that I should just press the record button and start shooting videos,” dagdag pa ni Shaira.

Latest project ni Shaira ang music video ng promising OPM Artists na sina Leanne and Naara.

“Part of my role as the creative director for the album was to give the general direction for three music videos, but I loved the song ‘Who's Gonna Love You’ so much that I wanted to shoot it! Na-imagine ko na siya agad, with the help of some videos sent to me by Leanne and Naara during our first Zoom meeting. And, out of the three songs, it was the one I pictured playing in the background of some of the nostalgic photos I take.”

Para naman sa OPM newbies na sina Leanne and Naara, exciting na journey ang kanilang tatahakin sa kanilang career.

"I think a Leanne and Naara music video is us just being us. Like what we did in the ‘Keeping Me Up’ music video, it was us having fun and jiving to the song," Naara shares. “Keeping Me Up” was shot during quarantine and directed by MV Isip. For "Who's Gonna Love You," Leanne and Naara's creative director Shaira Luna took the lead for the concept and the actual shoot.

"When we were talking about the music videos, Shaira asked if she could direct the MV of ‘Who’s Gonna Love You,’ and we were like, yes of course! We would be honored, given that we really are fans of her work and there was no doubt in our minds she was going to nail it. We gave her free rein and she came up with something beautiful," sabi ni Leanne.

It's hard to get creative because of everything that's been happening this year. 2020 blocked most creative outlets, and as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, temporary restrictions are still in place. When it was time to shoot music videos, Leanne and Naara didn't let quarantine slow them down.

"Interestingly, we found some visually aesthetic French music videos that we eventually made as pegs. Most of them had this 'fashion ad' vibe and I guess that’s where we pulled inspiration for some of the decisions made for the look of the videos," dagdag ni Leanne.

“I think we also agreed on the color treatment that is fit for the mood of every song, depending on the vibe it gives. For 'Keeping Me Up,' it was mostly blue, for 'Who's Gonna Love You,' Shaira made it more orangey/yellowish like a sunset, very much like her trademark but in motion," kwento ni Naara.