WATCH: Mimiyuuuh releases music video for ‘Drink Your Water B***h’

Mimiyuuuh reminds you to stay hydrated.



10/19/2020 09:23 AM
WATCH: Mimiyuuuh releases music video for ‘Drink Your Water B***h’
Screenshot from mimiyuuuh YouTube Channel

Rawr! Mimiyuuuh in your area!

Vlogger-turned-recording artist Jeremy Sancebuche (popularly known as Mimiyuuuh) released the music video for his debut single “Drink Your Water Bitch.” 

Mimiyuuuh — whose various high-fashion outfits worn in the video were made entirely of house items including one made of blown-up garbage bag — once again brought out his creativity through his collaborative effort with director Jaime Pacena II.

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Throughout the whole music video, Mimiyuuuh’s iconic pink plastic cabinet recognizable to fans through his vlogs can be seen in the background. 

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Watch the video below: 

Meanwhile, the #DYWBRawrChallenge is currently making rounds online. 



Mimiyuuuh released the “DYWB” back on September 30, days after Kean Cipriano-led O/C Records announced that he is officially part of the record label's roster of artists.

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The 23-year-old vlogger rose to fame after his take on “Dalagang Pilipina” Challenge went viral on social media.