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  • Michelle Madrigal and her husband shared how they deal with their marital problems.

WATCH: Michelle Madrigal, husband open up about going through marriage counseling

Michelle Madrigal and her husband shared how they deal with their marital problems.

WATCH: Michelle Madrigal, husband open up about going through marriage counseling -PUSH TEAM


10/18/2020 05:03 PM
WATCH: Michelle Madrigal, husband open up about going through marriage counseling
Screenshot from Michelle Madrigal YouTube Channel

Michelle Madrigal and her husband opened up about going through marriage counseling, citing the importance of their decision to do so. 

For her latest vlog, Michelle decided to do a question-and-answer vlog with her husband Troy Woolfolk, where the couple answered a number of questions over mukbang. 

In the said vlog, the couple was asked about the biggest fight they had in the past. But instead of sharing a particular experience, Troy and Michelle decided to open up about how they are coping with the various problems they are facing through therapy sessions. 


“All couples fight. And I guess for us, let’s just say that Troy and I had to go through therapy and we still are trying to get back to our marriage counseling because we need help on top of us trying to figure out and getting to know each other on a deeper level. We need an extra help,” Michelle admitted. 

Her husband, Troy, endorsed the concept of marriage counseling, saying it’s something he would recommend whether a husband and wife are facing marital problems or not. 

“I recommend any and every couple to go through marriage counseling regardless if things are going great or not. The reason for that is you come from two different worlds, you come from two different definitions of how to live your life. Then, you basically need to throw away that definition and then redefine it in consdering the definitions of another person,” Troy said. 

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According to Troy, some couples might not realize it soon, but there are actually issues that must be tackled and resolved along the way. 

“So things like political views, things like shared space — I talked about this in a previous Instagram post — it’s all new to you. And you’re constantly redifining, re-adjusting things. Even if you’re in a scenario where everything is completely fine, you may have potentionally not found that road bump. And those secret road bumps can come to light if you have conversations with a third party,” he stated. 

Sharing the importance of having someone to talk to about marriage outside their relationship, he went on: “The reason why that third party is extremely important is because you have two people who are so strong about these specific views that these viewes have been enhanced and legitmized for thirty years. So for thirty one years, I’ve been telling myself, this is the way to live. For 32 years, she’s been telling herself this is the way to live. Now, they have to combine to be a new way.” 

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Meanwhile, Michelle admitted that they are still in the process of meeting each other halfway and compromising.

“Learning how to combine two lives. And not necessarily on your own. But just learning how to balance and meet halfway. Basically, compromise. So this is my way and this is also my husband’s. Really meeting in the middle to kinda live harmoniously together. So it’s like a dance, right? You can’t dance if the other one goes there. You just gotta learn that. And we’re on that process. 

Watch the video below: 

When asked if she has plans to go back to the Philippines and make a showbiz comeback, she answered: “I do miss it. But it really depends. Maybe when Troy has more time. ‘Cause right now, if he goes to the Philippines, he’s gonna have to work graveyard. And he doesn’t really like that. It’s not for him.” 

While she is open to doing projects in the Philippines, Michelle says she has a few considerations — among them is staying only for a few months in the country. 

“So, maybe. If I can only do like one project for two to three months — film for three months — then we can make it happen,” she said. 

Michelle Madrigal works as a fitness coach in the US while her husband currently works for a digital marketing firm. The couple has a daughter named Anika. 

Michelle rose to fame after her stint in the reality star search "Star Circle Quest."