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Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘Mabuti na ‘yung hindi tayo tumatanda ng paurong’

Ruffa Gutierrez looks forward to aging gracefully and finds no need to hide her age or alter her looks.



1/8/2020 12:05 PM
Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘Mabuti na ‘yung hindi tayo tumatanda ng paurong’

Photo credit: @iloveruffag IG

At 45 years old, Ruffa Gutierrez still glows like the beauty queen she is. “When I joined Binibining Pilipinas in 1993, hindi pa uso ang veneers noon. Wala pang Botox. It’s all natural. It’s what I want to impart to my daughters: Be natural. Love yourself. Because each person’s unique, di ba? What’s important is your confidence, your personality. As long as you have nice skin and you’re kind to others, ‘yung ‘yung gusto kong i-impart.”

For the most part, Ruffa credits her good skin to genetics. “I actually want to thank my mom and my dad for my genes. My dad’s already 77 years old, but he’s still acting and looks very young. My mom, she’s so scared and just uses home care. Nasanay na din ako sa ganoon. It’s more about just maintaining. Maintenance is always good. Altering? I’m not into it.”

She has noticed that the more you alter your looks, the older you appear. She’s actually not a fan of aggressive treatments. “I’m conservative when it comes to touching my face and my body. My mom would be the first to say, ‘Naku, ‘wag mong galawin ‘yung mukha mo!’ You’ve known me since I was 13. Can you just imagine kung biglang mag-iba ‘yung face ko? Tsaka parang wala namang nagreklamo. Hindi naman ako nahirapan kumuha ng mga boys, projects. I think I’m fine. Bakit ko pa babaguhin?”

It was just recently that Ruffa signed on as an endorser for Cathy Valencia’s Skin Clinic. “I know I already have nice skin since birth, but as you get older and you go under the sun, siyempre nagkakaroon na tayo ng mga sunspots. I want to prevent myself from looking older than I am. I just want to feel fresh and look fresh. Cathy Valencia takes care of my skin, my slimming, so that I will age gracefully.

“I used to lie about my age,” admits Ruffa.  “I used to say I stopped counting at 25. E ngayon ang Google, nandiyan na. Si Lorin at si Venice, dalaga na. Nakakahiya naman kung sabihin kong 30 pa din ako. Kailan ako nanganak?”

Lorin and Venice are now 16 and 15 years old, respectively, and Ruffa wants to make sure that their skin is spared the hormonal changes that adolescence typically brings. “They don’t need much; they just need facials, just to maintain their teenage youthful look.”

Ruffa said that it’s never too early to practice good skin care and maintenance. “May mga kaibigan ako who think that you only go to the dermatologist when you’re in your 30s and 40s — no! I had my first facial when I was 13. Talagang maalaga ako at masipag ako pumunta para magpa-facial. You have to take care your skin. Laging maglagay ng sunblock. As a matter of fact, I started putting sunblock late, when I was already in my 20s. Kailangan i-train na natin ang mga teenagers na as early as now, you have to take care of your skin.”

Now, Ruffa is looking forward to aging gracefully. “I don’t fear aging. I’m not scared to grow old, dahil lahat naman tayo tatanda,” she said. According to her, it is more of a problem when one cannot accept this fact. “Para sa akin, mabuti na ‘yung hindi tayo tumatanda ng paurong. Kung medyo in denial tayo, ‘yun ang mahirap, na you act like a teenager when you’re not.”