Kris Aquino avoids taking long flight back to the Philippines after getting sick in the US

Kris Aquino shared health update on her social media page.



01/08/2020 09:09 AM
Kris Aquino avoids taking long flight back to the Philippines after getting sick in the US
Photo credit: Kris Aquino Facebook

Kris Aquino shared a health update on her Facebook page on Wednesday, January 8. The host shared that she got sick in America, which prevented her from going back to the Philippines at the moment.

“Finally met [Ronnie Alonte] last night (our connection? [RB Chanco] is his manager and RB isn’t just my makeup artist BUT 1 of my most trusted friends.) In fact, RB is now the guardian of Kuya Josh & Bimb, because they’re flying home this morning... unfortunately Bincai and [I] are coughing, have sore throats, and body aches and I lost my voice... praying we both didn’t get the flu since it’s flu season here in the US, so we go home in a few days,” she shared.

Kris relayed that she could not risk taking a long flight home because of the state of her health.

“My autoimmune conditions have weakened my immune system, to simplify my overproduction of antibodies cause them to end up attacking my healthy cells kaya mahirap talagang magkasakit,” she said. 

She is thankful though that her sons Bimby and Josh have been really mature about handling the situation. 

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“My 2 are really maturing because they were looking forward to travel with just RB. Kuya Josh is very excited to visit his Tito Noy and bring his pasalubong - love niya talaga si Tito Noy because he saved his shopping allowance to buy what he knew to be Tito Noy’s favorite snacks from here. Bimb wanted to go home because he didn’t want to miss school and Kuya Josh said he wanted to keep Tito Noy company. As a mom, it’s heartwarming that my sons know what should really matter in life at this stage of their lives- family and education,” she said.