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Fans rally behind K-Pop newcomer X1 following disbandment announcement

The showrunners of Produce X 101 has embroiled the members of X1 in a vote manipulation controversy over the past couple of months.



1/7/2020 12:49 PM
Fans rally behind K-Pop newcomer X1 following disbandment announcement

Photo credit: @stanX1__ on Twitter

Five-month-old South Korean boy group X1 has officially disbanded after a voting manipulation issue brought upon them by the showrunners of Produce X 101. 

South Korean entertainment news website Soompi has confirmed the disbandment of the group via a translated and published joint statement from the agencies handling the different members of the group.

"The X1 members and each of the agencies negotiated under the condition of unanimous agreement, but we could not come to an agreement, so we have decided on their disbandment," wrote the different agencies in the statement.

CJ ENM, who handles the group, said it respects the decision of the agencies in a separate statement.

“CJ ENM worked for X1 to resume activities, but we respect the position of the agencies that decided on X1’s disbandment,” CJ ENM wrote.

Meanwhile, fans rallied behind the group on social media — making #WeTrustX1 trend globally. In less than 12 hours, over 1.34 million tweets poured in on microblogging site Twitter. 

Composed of the winners of the fourth season of the hit South Korean reality show Produce 101 called Produce X 101, the group debuted in August 2019 with a six-track EP called Emergency: Quantum Leap. 

Released under Swing Entertainment, its lead single is titled “Flash.”

In November, allegations about the producers accepting bribes from different agencies to favor certain trainees during the course of the competition surfaced — leading the boys to stop promotional activities.

According to police investigations, the producers of the show manipulated audience votes. That same month, showrunners Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum were arrested. The former eventually admitted to the allegations. 

The members of X1 are as follows: Kim Yo-han, Kim Woo-seok, Han Seung-woo, Song Hyeong-jun, Choo Seung-youn, Son Dong-pyo, Lee Han-gyul, Nam Do-hyon, Cha Jun-ho, Kang Min-hee, and Lee Eun-sang. 

The different entertainment companies who handle the boys include Play M Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, TOP Media, OUI Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, DSP Media, Starship Entertainment, and Brand New Music.