Finally! ‘Darna’ movie starts shooting

After months of preparation, ‘Darna’ director Jerrod Tarog starts off the year getting cameras rolling for the Pinay superhero film.



1/19/2020 10:51 AM
Finally! ‘Darna’ movie starts shooting

After it was revealed last year that he would be directing Darna after Erik Matti's departure from the project, director Jerrold Tarog finally got the cameras rolling for the much anticipated Pinoy superhero project this month. In his social nedia post last January 19, the talented director (who's projects include Heneral Luna, Goyo, Bliss, and Sana Dati), shared a photo of a Darna figurine with himself behind the camera in the background. Darna will be the debut film of Star Magic talent Jane De Leon who was cast after Liza Soberano dropped out of the project due to an injury last year. 



Day 1

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