Liza Soberano reacts to pregnancy rumors

Liza Soberano laughs off the rumors and explains why she didn’t sue the blogger who put a blind item about her alleged pregnancy abortion.



1/15/2020 12:03 PM
Liza Soberano reacts to pregnancy rumors

When actress Liza Soberano flew to the US to have surgery for her injured finger, rumors and blind items were spread online saying she went abroad for an abortion.

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Her talent manager Ogie Diaz had defended Liza from the rumors and said, “Kaya ko isugal ang credibility ko na hindi nangyari kay Liza yun kahit kailan.”

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On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Liza then explained her situation when she learned about the rumors.

“I wasn’t bothered by other people’s speculations. I expected I’m going to think oh because they’re gone for so long. I was more upset with the person who came up with that like a whole video and everything because they didn’t even bother to ask my manager who was here the whole time or to even ask me first,” she said.

“Parang they were putting out a blind item but they made it so obvious that they were talking about me and I was actually in surgery when the video came out,” she added.

Liza also explained why she did not sue the blogger who put out the rumors even though her fans urged her to.

“I’m not going to ruin someone’s life just because they decided to make a silly rumor about me. I said I think it’s bad enough for him already that he got a taste of his own medicine and everyone got mad at him,” the Make It With You star said.

Liza, who was also with her co-star and beau Enrique Gil, also pointed out that it should be a ‘lesson learned’ for the blogger.

“I think it’s just a lesson that just because there’s social media doesn’t mean that you can just [have] the license to do with everyone. You have to be careful with what you put out there,” he said.