Did Arci Munoz throw shade at Michelle Dy on Instagram?

Arci Munoz earlier came to Michelle Dy’s defense and said that the person doesn’t deserve to get bashed.



9/6/2019 4:13 PM
Did Arci Munoz throw shade at Michelle Dy on Instagram?

Photo credit: @michelledyy and @ramonathornes IG

Over the past couple of days, a video of Arci Munoz seemingly throwing shade at YouTuber Michelle Dy has been making rounds online. 

In the video, Arci can be seen recreating the viral video where Michelle Dy carelessly handled some of her Sailor Moon memorabilia. But this time, it was a Funko Pop of one of her biases from the K-Pop sensation BTS, Jungkook. 

Shared by user Madam Tsaa on Twitter, the snippet was taken from an Instagram video Arci posted a few days ago. Watch the video below:



See Arci's video with Michelle Dy that went viral below:

In a previous interview with the entertainment press, Arci came to Michelle's defense and said that it wasn't a big deal. 

Watch the interview below:

"Wala 'yun. Kayo naman. 'Wag niyo awayin. Ano naman 'yun eh. Gusto ko naman na talaga i-open 'yung mga collection ko. Wala 'yun. Maliit na bagay. Kawawa naman 'yung tao. Tsaka you're making it a big deal. It's not," she said. 

She said she also reached out to Michelle at the time the video went viral. 

"Nag-message pa ako nu'n. Nasa Japan ako nu'n eh. Sabi ko 'Michelle, okay ka lang? 'Wag mong pansinin 'yang mga 'yan. Ano ka ba, dagdag viewers 'yang mga 'yan sa YouTube. Mas maraming pera. Okay lang 'yan. Minsan talaga may bashers. Ano 'yan, advantage 'yan sa account mo' sabi ko sa kanya," she stated.