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Tony Labrusca admits what he would do for love: ‘I like to spoil people’

‘Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love’ star Tony Labrusca reveals why finding love is not his top priority this year.


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9/30/2019 9:00 AM
Tony Labrusca admits what he would do for love: ‘I like to spoil people’

Even before doing the digital film Glorious earlier this year, Tony Labrusca signed up to be part of the Regal Films millennial themed project, Ang Henerasyong Sumuko Sa Love.

“'Yung movie na ito masaya at saka nag-meeting kami ni direk and nung meeting na yun bago pa lang ako sa showbiz so I really appreciated that direk made time for me kaya umoo talaga ako sa project kasi in-explain niya in detail yung idea niya.

“And nasa bucket list ko naman gumawa ng barkada movie tapos sinasabi nga niya na lahat ng barkada movie parang pa-tweetums, ganito, ganyan. Ang gusto niya talaga yung parang totoo. So yun din yung gusto ko, kaya working with everybody was really great. I like my character Kurt. Total opposite nga siya sa Glorious so I really liked that,” he shared.

Playing the role of a workaholic millennial is something Tony admitted he can relate to because he is not prioritizing love this year. 

“Hindi ako yung type na sumusuko sa love or wala yung idea na yun sa akin. I’m a firm believer of love. I think love solves almost anything at saka naniniwala din ako sa forever. I think that it still exists. And for me personally, feeling ko ang bata bata ko pa, I still feel like a millennial, feeling ko dapat iba pa yung priorities ko ngayon. I think I should be enjoying my life. Instead of falling in love, I think I should be dating, I think I should be providing for my family, taking care of myself, loving myself first. Yung forever, I’ll get there one day, pero for now I think I need to love myself and enjoy my life muna,” he explained.

Unlike his role, Tony said he would never lose control even when he falls madly in love with someone. 

“Hindi ako maka-relate sa kanila kasi yung tinuro kasi ng mommy ko sa akin is you really have to put yourself first and know yourself and love yourself first before you can love anybody else and you know, ang hirap kasi sa industriya natin. I think umaabot pa ako sa point na mahal na mahal ko talaga yung sarili ko or for what God has given me, whether it be on the inside superficially, so when it comes to love, the craziest things that I do is really for my friends and family.”

“And my love language kasi is I like to spoil people. So I love to buy my friends and family gifts. Pero yung ako magpaparaya ako or mawawala na ako sa sarili ko para lang sa isang tao na 'quote unquote' mahal ko, unfortunately hindi ako ganun so baka hindi na ako boyfriend material or whatever pero ewan. It’s just not my personality. I don’t think it’s worth losing myself just to make someone else feel whole,” he remarked.