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Lea Salonga proudly performs with daughter Nicole Chien: ‘She is the joy of my heart’

Lea Salonga reveals why her only child Nicole Chien will never audition for ‘The Voice.’ by Rhea Manila Santos


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9/3/2019 10:36 AM
Lea Salonga proudly performs with daughter Nicole Chien: ‘She is the joy of my heart’

Photo credit: @resortsworldmanila IG



After performing two sold out performances last weekend at the Perfect Ten concert at Resorts World Manila, one of the highlights of Lea Salonga’s always impressive repertoire was her duet with her only daughter Nicole Chien with whom she sang the song “Brave” from the Broadway musical Gypsy. Lea gave her daughter a touching introduction before their song. “Brave is what I want my next guest to be, brave enough to always be her own person, but always conscious of the tremendous obligation we all have to one another. To show kindness and compassion and love always. And to be an even better singer than her mother ever will be. But hey I’m her mom so I don’t mind. So friends please welcome onto the stage the light of my life, the bounce in my step, she is the joy of my heart, Miss Nicole Chien,” Lea shared.

Lea told the audience that she did not in any way try to persuade her daughter to perform nor follow in her footsteps in musical theater. But the proud mom admitted she is happy to share the stage with her only child. “I’m sorry. I now get to break my cool, calm, and collected persona whenever we get the chance to sing on stage. I’m just being a proud mommy,” she said.

The Perfect Ten singer then shared some earnest advice to all the parents in the audience. “I mean this from the very bottom of my heart, I hope all of you who have children allow them to follow their paths with the least intrusion and all of the support you can give. My brother Gerard and I were fortunate to have such a mom, fiercely protective. But always so selflessly supportive of the directions we chose to take. Still, no matter how supportive we are of our children’s dreams, we will never fully understand those moments of self-doubt that they will go through, moments that we parents, no matter our love can spare them from,” she said.

In a previous interview with PUSH, Lea shared why her daughter will never audition for The Voice Philippines. “She can’t because I’m on it. She’s instantly disqualified. Right now she’s just very busy with school which is taking up all of her time. She still draws and writes at home but as far as the singing stuff, it’s usually when I’m about to perform that’s when she joins. I don’t know how interested she will be in a few years. I don’t know. Hard to say,” she explained.

The Voice judge admitted that Nicole is not totally comfortable in public. “She’s suspicious of strangers already. She just is, just as a human and she’s quiet until she gets to know you a little better. And its good that she’s just naturally leery, na she’s not immediately trusting of people which is good,” she explained.

A previous incident with fans has made Lea protective of her daughter who is not used to being in the limelight. “With the photo ops, there were these fans that went near her. She was terrified because I think they assumed that she would be okay with it and they got into her personal space. They got into her face and she hated that. That’s a child. Do not do that to a kid. Talk to the parents first. They didn’t get my permission to approach her. They just did. So it’s like, that’s a child and you’re a stranger. And how do you think she was going to react? And how do you think I as the parent is going to respond to you if you do that to her?” she added.