Gab Valenciano reacts on his death hoax

Gab Valenciano reacts on his death hoax

Gab Valenciano reacts on his death hoax-PUSH TEAM


09/24/2019 12:30 PM
Gab Valenciano reacts on his death hoax
Photo credit: @gabvalenciano IG

Gab Valenciano recently became a victim of death hoax and it continued to trend online. After his father Gary Valenciano informed the public that the news is fake, Gab took to Facebook to share his thoughts about the news.

The performer chose to see the positive side of the situation and said he chooses to ‘focus on the bigger picture.’

Earlier this year, Gab opened up about his depression and how de dealt with it.

“I am blessed to say that I no longer have thoughts about ending my life, instead, save as many as I can through these experiences. It says in the word that what the enemy uses for evil, God will use for good. This may be fake news, but the mere fact that it is currently trending on the top spot means it is a real issue that thousands and even millions are going through, bringing to light the urgency of the matter. This will cause people to go on my social media platforms, hopefully see the original post I posted and be inspired and blessed by it. At the end of the day, I will always choose love over hate,” he wrote.

He then addressed those who fabricated stories about him and said, “May God bless you. Every person deals with hardship differently, this could be your way of dealing with your pain. So with that I pray for you.”

Gab went through some personal challenges since 2016 after his marriage with Tricia Centenera crumbled due to infidelity. Last year, his father Gary was diagnosed with cancer but was soon cleared of the disease.