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  • Ogie Alcasid is proud to perform in a one-night only concert with his Showtime co-judges in ‘Ogie and the Hurados.’

Ogie Alcasid defends fellow Tawag ng Tanghalan judges from bashers: ‘It affects us emotionally’

Ogie Alcasid is proud to perform in a one-night only concert with his Showtime co-judges in ‘Ogie and the Hurados.’

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/20/2019 11:58 AM
Ogie Alcasid defends fellow Tawag ng Tanghalan judges from bashers: ‘It affects us emotionally’
Photo credit: @ogiealcasid on Instagram

As he prepares for his October 10 concert Ogie and the Hurados which is part of the series of activities marking the 10th anniversary of Resorts World Manila, Ogie Alcasid said he is excited to perform with his special guests who are also his fellow Tawag ng Tanghalan co-judges Karla Estrada, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Karylle, Randy Santiago, Rey Valera, Jed Madela, and K Brosas. “My last concert was Valentine’s day and this time iba ang concept. I’m going to be performing with the hurados so excited ako to perform with them especially now that the branding ‘hurados’ is very, very matunog sa madlang people and sobrang excited ako. Think of me as the main host, the party host (laughs) and then lahat ng mga hurados will be having a spot and then we’ll be having production numbers together. I’ll be performing songs that you’ve never heard us perform before so it’s a first for our fans, dun sa mga nanunuod ng Tawag ng Tanghalan and at the same time sa mga sari-sarili naming mga fans. I’m very excited,” he shared.

With some of the hurados getting backlash online after eliminating Tawag ng Tanghalan contestant Mariane Osabel last September 11, Ogie hopes the viewers can be more understanding of what happened. “Kagaya ng ibang contest, ang Tawag ng Tanghalan ay hindi naiiba in the sense na hindi lahat talaga magiging masaya sa resulta lagi. And that is a truth that I think we have to accept, kahit Miss Universe pa yan or any contest, there will always be disappointment. And most especially Tawag ng Tanghalan dahil lahat ng ating mga madlang people become attached already to yung kanilang sariling manok. And of course pag nakita nila na yung manok nila, in their minds were treated unfairly, masasaktan sila, which is understandable,” he explained.

Ogie defended his fellow judges who were just choosing the best performer for that particular day. “But in defense naman of the hurados, first of all napakahirap maging hurado, to balance all of that. Because kami rin mismo ay may mga manok din. But it’s a daily performance na based judging that we have to do so on a daily basis we have to see who on that day performs better or performed the best. And that’s what counts. It is not matter of us favoring someone else or clinging to kung ano ang gusto ng masa. But really it’s when we get to the finals, pag dumadating na tayo sa resbakan, talagang kung sino yung nagpakita ng kasindak sindak na performance ang siyang mananaig. Yun ang explanation dun,” he said.

Aside from being objective, Ogie said there is no judgment based on anything else other than recent performance for each contestant. “I hope that let’s try to broaden our minds and see what went on and it really is a matter of the judges feeling that on that day, someone was better. And I’m talking about this specific day. So yun lang naman yun. If at this point, hindi pa rin natin ma-re-rectify yun and it gets to a level where we need to explain, then it’s up to management. The management has given us a free hand on our opinions. I think that’s the beauty of it. There is absolutely walang mandate na kailangan ganito. We all acted on our opinion on the performance,” he added.

After fellow judge K Brosas recently took to Twitter to share that she and her daughter have both become the target of malicious bashing because of the incident, Ogie would like to remind the public that the hurados are human too. “It affects us. Like minsan ang dami ko ng nabigyan ng kung anu-ano, camera. Yung ibang judges will shell out money because they know mahirap lang yung singer. It affects us emotionally. And we then act on that emotion by giving, but at the same time, we don’t let that affect how we score their performance,” he explained.

Ogie and the Hurados is a one-night concert on October 10, Thursday, 8 pm at the Newport Performing Arts theater in Pasay city. Tickets are now available at the RWM Box office and at all Ticketworld outlets.