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EXCLUSIVE: Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai now earns more money through Facebook streaming

Eruption reveals he earns more money now compared to when he was still doing TV projects.



9/20/2019 3:14 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai now earns more money through Facebook streaming

Sana all!

Having taken an indefinite leave from showbiz after his wife gave birth to their firstborn son, Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai opened up about his life now. 

A full-time dad to his son Legend, Eruption revealed he passed on several projects to give way to his wife who is currently a working mom. 

“Most of my work, I said no. So no teleserye, no nothing. So I’m at home with him. So most of the time, I’m with my son. ‘Cause I wanna be here for him. Because ‘di ko alam kung baka ito ang first or last namin eh. So I wanna be there for him as much as I can. And also with Rona, she’s always there for him from the start. Pero she started her work when we really really needed her. So we have a little bit of sacrifice that she’s going to work,” he said during an interview at the launch of shoe brand Meet My Feet Kids. 

According to Eruption, he has found ways to generate income while working from the comforts of his own home. 

“I’m still working on the side. And I’m also working from home. So I’m lucky that I have an employment na sa bahay lang. So even though I said no sa mga showbiz stuff, I’m still working from my home. And then I have business as well,” he shared. 

Eruption, an active gamer himself, reveals he earns money through Facebook streaming. And as it turns out, he’s getting more money now compared to when he was still doing TV projects. 

“‘Yung isang work ko sa bahay, because I’m a gamer, I stream. I’m signed with Facebook. And all I do is stream at home on the side. Basically, I have a quota that I have to hit and I’ve been hitting it with flying colors. And Facebook basically gives me a salary. Actually mas maganda ‘yung salary ko kaysa sa [showbiz],” he said. 

Apart from Facebook streaming, Eruption revealed that he has also decided to pursue other businesses, which include one in the clothing industry. 

“It’s just a perfect balance and a blessing for me ngayon na nagkaroon ako ng side job sa bahay na I can be with Legend and at the same time work from home. Then I have a business on the side. We have a t-shirt clothing company. So that’s doing really, really well,” he stated. 

He added: “It’s a startup. We’ve had one four years already. That’s for gym equipment. And then ngayon, we have one for e-sports apparel, which is for gaming,” he said. 

“I think sleep. Obviously they have different schedules. We were lucky that mommy was able to establish a pattern early. Very early. As in one month in, meron siyang sleeping pattern na. Pero the first month was gnawing. It was tough. But it was totally worth it."

Asked about having baby number two, Rona said: “Wala muna. We’re enjoying baby number one muna.” 

Eruption added: “We wanna give him as much time as we can. Pero malay mo, if God give us another gift as well, then we will be gladly there to accept it.”

Meanwhile, Eruption, who has previously joined the casts of La Luna Sangre and Bagani, revealed his plans to return to acting soon. 

“Yes. Now that he’s six months, possibly this year, I might accept a teleserye here and there. But for taping, for the first six months as I said, that’s definitely not a go. Kasi alam mo ‘yung schedule ng taping 24 hours gone. Pag-uwi, pagod na, ayaw na mag-alaga. I don’t wanna deal through that. Even though I have jobs, which will require me to be there three to four days, I will still be able to balance them. So ngayon, I have a few shows pero I’m thinking of saying yes to them. Pero wala pa naman. I won’t say yet,” he said.