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EXCLUSIVE: Why Hayden Kho won’t allow daughter Scarlet Snow Belo to enter showbiz

Hayden Kho wants his daughter to pursue a profession in the medical field just like him and his wife Vicki Belo.

EXCLUSIVE: Why Hayden Kho won’t allow daughter Scarlet Snow Belo to enter showbiz-PUSH TEAM


09/19/2019 01:43 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Why Hayden Kho won’t allow daughter Scarlet Snow Belo to enter showbiz

Despite both being active at work, doctor-to-the-stars Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo still get to spend quality time with their daughter Scarlet Snow Belo. 

In an interview with Hayden Kho during the launch of Scarlet Snow Belo as brand ambassador for kids shoe brand Meet My Feet, he revealed how he and his wife manage their time with her. 

Having recently taken on a bigger role at the company Vicki Belo founded, Hayden makes it up to Scarlet by becoming a "teacher daddy" for two hours each week. His wife, on the other hand, gets to do it more often now.

So how exactly does it work? Apparently, he and his wife get to teach Scarlet Snow Belo new things just like the rest of their daughter’s academic tutors.

“Disiplina din for us. Kasi like for me, I have my teacher-daddy sessions. Ibig sabihin I have my two hours, in a full week, I have to go home, I have to be there kasi ako ‘yung teacher-daddy niya for that session. She has other tutors kasi. Si Vicki kasi—I now have a bigger role in the Belo Medical Group—so she has more time,” he said. 

He added: “And siya ang laging kasama ni Scarlet ngayon. Meron din siyang dedicated time for Scarlet. And hindi ‘yun nava-violate. Everything’s just scheduling. Kailangan lang scheduling.”

Kho also opened up about the kind of parenting he and his wife give his daughter—including how they support their daughter in her interests. 

“Almost anything naman. So far naman she likes colors, she likes painting. She likes to sing, she likes throwing jokes. Play. Pajama parties with her friends. So far ganun naman. Wala namang shopping,” he stated.

With several netizens calling their daughter a “wonder child” for doing things beyond her age, Hayden Kho believes every child can be one depending on the way parents decide to raise their kids. 

“First of all, gusto ko sabihin na every child is a wonder child. Ang kailangan lang talaga na ang responsiblity ng parent na bigyan ng oras ang bata, ang mga anak nila. Para ma-discover nila kung ano talaga ‘yung mga skills, mga talents ng bata. ‘Pag hindi mo kasi binigyan ng oras, hindi mo malalaman. ‘Pag hindi mo malaman, hindi mo masusuportahan. ‘Pag hindi mo masusuportahan, hindi mo siya made-develop. So kami ang ginagawa namin, palagi namin binibigyan ng oras si Scarlet. Lagi kaming nag-oobserve. Lalo na ako lagi akong nag-oobserve sa mga interests niya. Ano ‘yung gusto niyang gawin? Ano ang mga ayaw niya? Tapos ‘pag may mga things na hindi pwede sa kanya, nilalayo namin siya dun. ‘Pag may mga tao na hindi para sa personality niya, bad influence, tinatanggal namin. Ini-erase talaga namin,” he shared. 

Kho also added that it’s important to make their child feel secured about themselves in order for them to grow with confidence. 

“And because of that, lumalabas ‘yung tunay na Scarlet. And para sa akin kasi, ‘pag ‘yung bata lumaki na confident and secure kung sino talaga siya, then he/she will be a wonder child. So Scarlet is a wonder child yes, but everyone else is a wonder child. Kailangan lang ma-discover ng mga magulang kung paanong form ng pagiging wonder child ng mga anak nila,” he stated. 

Although Scarlet Snow Belo has become an internet sensation, Hayden Kho said his daughter isn’t fully aware yet about the kind of fame of she has gained through the years. 

“Di niya pa alam about trending but I’m trying to explain to her about Instagram. She actually asked me kasi that question. Parang ‘How do people see me on your phone?’ so I just explained it to her na I take her video, I put it online, and then she understands naman the concept of internet. Not fully as a grown-up but she knows there’s such a thing as the Internet,” he said. 

When asked about whether or not he would allow his daughter to enter showbiz in the future, Hayden Kho firmly said: “Hindi. No.” 

The 39-year-old doctor shared that he wants to see his daughter become a medical professional someday - just like him and his wife Vicki Belo. 

“Hindi ‘yun ‘yung ine-envision ko, ‘yung dream ko for her. I mean of course ‘pag tanda niya, she will have to make her own decision. Pero para sa akin ngayon, meron kaming mga dreams for her na gusto namin sana. Kung ma-iinfluence namin siya na dun sana pumunta, na ‘yun ang landas na tahakin, then better for us. There’s nothing wrong about showbiz per se. Pero feeling lang namin, because we’re both doctors, mas gusto lang namin na nandun pa rin siya sa trade of the family,” he said.