Julia Barretto is an excited aunt to her niece Millie

Julia Barretto’s elder sister Dani Barretto gave birth to a healthy baby girl.



9/18/2019 1:26 PM
Julia Barretto is an excited aunt to her niece Millie

Photo credit: @danibarretto and @juliabarretto IG

Julia Barretto happily shared on Instagram that her elder sister Dani Barretto had already given birth to a healthy baby girl and the Block Z star also shared how excited she is to be an aunt.

Dani, who recently married her longtime boyfriend Xavi Panlilio, nicknamed their firstborn Millie.

“Our eldest sister is now a mother, and I'm officially an aunt! Since we were little, @danibarretto wanted to be a mom and now I get to watch her become one. These photos do not sum up the happiness we felt when welcoming you into our lives, Millie girl. I love you so much already!” Julia wrote.



“There is absolutely nothing like family! I have all I will ever need in this lifetime,” she added.

In her previous vlog, Dani shared that being a mother has always been her dream.

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"It's honestly a dream come true for me,” she said.