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Cherie Gil shares learning from ‘The Eigenmanns’: ‘Never wash your dirty laundry in public’

Cherie Gil joked about Andi being one of the most controversial in the family.



09/18/2019 01:00 PM
Cherie Gil shares learning from ‘The Eigenmanns’: ‘Never wash your dirty laundry in public’
Photo credit: @macherieamour IG

In celebration of the 100 years of Philippine cinema, TBA Studios teamed up with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) for a series of documentaries, which aims to pay tribute to those who have contributed to its success.

One of the films, produced by Philippine cinema icon Clodualdo “Doy” Del Mundo, is all about the life and legacy of the Eigenmann family.

Meanwhile, Cherie Gil, who was present at the premiere of the documentary held at the Gateway Mall last September 14, shared how proud she is to have her family among those chosen to be featured in the “Habambuhay” series.

“I’m very proud, of course. After all, I come from royalty. And my mom and my dad have been part of it,” Cherie said during an interview with the press.

She also commended TBA Studios for taking initiative to do something that honors the luminaries of Philippine cinema.

“This is something that I think TBA has done so well for the industry. To produce this series of interviews, to showcase our rich history with film, and to honor people who have contributed a lot of themselves to it. And I’m just proud to be an offspring of that legendary couple."

She added: “Truly, I think that I’m grateful because the family has been a part of the industry. In a way, it’s quite touching that TBA has given us this honor.”

With The Eigenmmans showing a closer look at their family's life, she openly shared what legacy she wants to leave behind considering she is part of a ‘royal’ family in showbiz.

“I only am very proud to be part of the Eigenmann and without the whole, I think it’s not gonna be enough. Whatever it is that I contributed, let it be known that it’s come out from my passion and my love for the arts, for acting, and the movies that we make. I mean, what else can I say? Taos-puso naming binibigay ang sarili namin. At lagi naming tinutuloy na mapabuti ang aming ginagawa,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Cherie, who has been in the industry for several decades now, admitted that it has always been an advantage being born to icons Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil.

Of course,” she said. She added: “I didn’t come from an empty canvass. Malaking-malaking contribution at tulong ang pagiging anak ni Eddie Mesa at Rosemarie Gil.”

When asked about the greatest lessons she learned from her parents through the years, Cherie shared several including one about not washing dirty laundries in public.

“Nako marami. To be honest, have faith and never wash your dirty laundry in public. Kaya hindi kami mapa-controversy,” she stated.

Cherie also joked about Andi being the only one who went astray.

“Ewan ko lang si Andi. Hindi. Joke. Tingnan mo naman si Andi, may two million followers. Siguro I should be a little bit controversial. Joke,” she said in jest. 

She went on: “To be authentic. Well, sa ngayon ang tibay nila ‘di ba? And it’s proven that their faith in their God is very, very true and that’s carried them on.”

As of writing, there is no scheduled commercial release yet for Habambuhay.