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Angel Locsin dismisses idea that all celebrities who attend the ABS-CBN Ball resort to ex-deals

Angel Locsin reveals she paid P100,000 for her gown alone last ABS-CBN Ball 2018.



09/18/2019 12:41 PM
Angel Locsin dismisses idea that all celebrities who attend the ABS-CBN Ball resort to ex-deals
Photo credit: @therealangellocsin IG

Angel Locsin did not mince her words when she came after a netizen claiming that celebrities like her resort to ex-deals when it comes to an event like the ABS-CBN Ball.

According to the netizen named Jeman Villanueva, Angel won't lose anything whether or not she attends the ABS-CBN Ball because she won't spend a dime for it anyway.

"But she's not gonna spend naman sa pag attend ng ball. Everything is sponsored naman sa ganyang event. The dress, hair and make-up, even hotel na stayan nila. Unless KKB na ngayon? At hindi provided ng mother studio nila," Jeman wrote, replying to another netizen praising Angel for skipping the ball and donating directly to Bantay Bata 163. 

To which Angel responded: "Says who?"

Defending his statement, he said: "Not hating you ha. I'm a fan of your charity works. I'm just saying as a celebrity, you can get sponsors to dress you up. Unless that's not the case anymore and you're forced to buy it na from the designers. Kasi you'll promote it pa din in exchange sa pagsuot mo ng gown diba?"

While Angel admitted that it does occur sometimes, it isn't true most of the time as she even paid P100,000 for her gown alone at the ABS-CBN Ball 2018.

She said: "Yes minsan may ex-deal pero hindi ganun lahat ang case... like, last year 100k for gown alone ang binayad ko. wala pang fee ng stylist, glam team, hotel, etc.. also, hindi rin naman fair na hindi ka magbayad kasi hindi madali ang ginagawa ng team. You get my point na?"

But the netizen, who believes designers usually lend to celebrities their creations to have them paraded in events like the ABS-CBN Ball, said Angel is the perfect muse. 

"You mean you don't get to borrow gowns from designers for this occasion? As a celebrity, and you being a big star, for sure designers would love to see their dress worn by you."

Angel then told him that while it is true that some celebrities resort to ex-deals, it is unfair to think of them as privileged. 

"Minsan. But sa dami ng aattend sa ball, lalo na may theme pa, magkakaubusan rin. San ba nangaling yung impression mo na parang ang privilege ng mga artista? Kung gumagastos ka pag may event ka, wala naman kaming pinagkaiba," she responded. 

Jeman, on the other hand, defended himself and stated that he didn't bring to the table anything that says celebrities are privileged. 

"Did I say na privileged kayo for having sponsors? You're a big star. For sure madaming gusto maka work ka. Designers lend their gowns diba? Ex-deal naman yun kasi you promote them para makilala yung designer din. Ang privileged ay yung nanghihingi ng designer gown," the netizen replied.

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Angel Locsin skipped this year's ABS-CBN Ball to donate directly to the Bantay Edukasyon program of Bantay Bata 163. 

“I salute my friends at the ABS-CBN Ball who are doing their share to promote awareness on children’s rights and to help the beneficiaries of Bantay Bata 163 get the education that everyone deserves,” she wrote.

She added: “As for me, I decided to do my share in a way that I could probably be more of use. I think it would be better for me to donate directly to Bantay Bata the amount that I’m supposed to spend in the ball. It’s not much, but will help make a difference to someone else’s life."