LOOK: Coleen Garcia meets her ‘mini-me’

After five years of only communicating online, Coleen Garcia has finally gotten to meet her lookalike Makayla Galindo in Los Angeles, California recently.



9/10/2019 2:47 PM
LOOK: Coleen Garcia meets her ‘mini-me’

Photo credit: @coleen IG

After five years of only communicating online, Coleen Garcia has finally gotten to meet her lookalike, Makayla Galindo, in Los Angeles, California recently.


In a post she shared on Instagram on Monday, the actress and television host shared a photo of her and her “mini-me” during their meeting while on a vacation with her husband, Billy Crawford, in the United States.

She wrote, “Back when we had the ‘Mini-Me’ segment on ‘It’s Showtime’, a lot of you guys tagged me on the comments and photos of this adorable little girl who kind of resembled me, and you guys labeled her as my ‘mini-me’. I found her soooo adorable, especially when she would recreate my OOTD photos. TOO CUTE!

“Anyway, guess what! After about five years of following and messaging each other on Instagram, we were finally able to meet in person when [Bily] and I went to LA! And look at her now! What a stunner! But don’t let the sweet looks fool you. She’s a BEAST when it comes to dancing, just check her videos.”

Coleen went on to say Makayla is completely an “L.A. girl”, but has been wanting to visit the Philippines for many years now -- something that she herself is very much looking forward to.

“Makayla is not part Filipino or anything, she is completely an LA girl, but your tags are what connected us, and it got her so curious about the Philippines. She’s been wanting to visit for years now, and I’m praying that happens for her one day. Isn’t this one crazy amazing thing about the internet?” she said. 

She also expressed her gratitude to Makayla for giving her matching “Soul Sister” bracelets.

“I’m happy I finally got to meet you, [Makayla]! You, your mom, and your little sister are so sweet. Really looking forward to seeing you here in the Philippines soon. Thank you for the friendship bracelet,” she added.

For her part, Makayla said she’s glad to have met the “beautiful” Coleen and her “super talented husband” Billy.


“So after 5+ years of being instagram friends with the beautiful [Coleen] and many of my followers always tagging her saying we look alike, we finally met. She is beyond beautiful and such a sweetheart. Seriously she is absolutely AMAZING,” she said.