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Celebrity dance teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy launches new lipstick line

Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G-Force adds to the list of celebrities who are venturing into the cosmetics business.


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9/1/2019 6:05 PM
Celebrity dance teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy launches new lipstick line

Photo credit: @teachergeorcelle IG

Celebrity dance teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy launched her new lipstick line on Friday, August 30. 

Partnering with beauty brand BYS, G-Force’s artistic director shared with Push that it was her students and today’s generation who inspired her to have her own lipstick brand M.O.V.E. “They’re ma-upload, di ba? And whenever they go through their social media accounts, a lot of things interest them, especially mga make-up tutorials. So they inspired me and then I said, let’s have some brand or name na makaka-inspire din sa kanila so they keep using it, I want something na magmamarka. And M.O.V.E., every time they use it, will mark.” 

For Teacher Georcelle, her brand is also a movement. “It’s like a visual board. Every time you see M.O.V.E., it will remind you, you will be reminded of ‘make it, own it, value it, and elevate it.’ And I’m just using this tool to spread happiness and the gift of dance.” 



As for the quality that set her products apart from the others, she specifically pointed out how her lippie, which is presented with a necklace, could be used as an accessory as well. “I am very proud and I really believe in this product, number one, because it’s a good product, it doesn’t dry your lips, you can wear it the whole day. And then the packaging is especially designed, it’s so convenient, it’s just around your neck… If it doesn’t match your outfit, which is impossible, you can just keep it underneath. And you can also put it in your pocket so para na kayong may chain.”

Meanwhile, Teacher Georcelle, who is known for her edgy looks, is excited about the upcoming ABS-CBN Ball that will be held on September 14. She said she will be wearing a Jeff Albea creation and will be styled by John Lozano. 

“Every year, it’s different. I’m excited because I love fashion. I am excited to see again the gowns and the looks of all the beautiful celebrities of ABS-CBN.”

As for her look this year, she said, “I can’t tell you yet because the shape now is different, my vibe now is different.”

Carrying the tagline, ‘What’s your next move?’ for her lipstick brand, what is Teacher Georcelle’s next move? She then spoke about her dance school’s 15th anniversary next year, saying that she is excited as they have a lot of plans.