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Maris Racal gets ‘starstruck’ as she meets Isko Moreno up-close

Maris Racal got starstruck upon seeing Manila Mayor Isko Moreno up-close and personal.



8/9/2019 11:28 AM
Maris Racal gets ‘starstruck’ as she meets Isko Moreno up-close

Screenshot from Spring Films Facebok Page

When Maris Racal meets Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, so many things could happen. But what if she goes to see him as not the actual Maris Racal?

In a video released by Spring Films, singer-actress Maris Racal found her way at the Bonifacio Shrine in the City of Manila to see Mayor Isko Moreno.

But she went there in full character as Ellenya L. from her upcoming film of the same name.

In the video, Maris did everything she can just to get a few seconds of Mayor Isko's time.

While she did manage to see Mayor Isko up-close and personal, the Manila Mayor identified the Kapamilya star not as an actress, but as a vlogger.

It is not clear whether or not Mayor Isko is aware that Maris is an actress in real life.

Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao, who was there to attend the flag-raising ceremony as part of a courtesy call of the Manila Mayor, also made a cameo appearance in her vlog.

Watch the 21-year-old actress fangirl and get 'starstruck' over Isko Moreno in the video below:

Maris said she went there to confirm if Bonifacio Shrine, which Isko Moreno cleared of dirt during his first week as Mayor, is indeed poop-free already.

"So, here we go! My first ever pa-woke vlog! Gusto ko lang naman i-confirm kay Yorme Isko if wala nang pupu sa Bonifacio Shrine. And let’s see kung masagot niya ako," she wrote in the caption of the video.

I'm Ellenya L. follows the story of a young vlogger who is willing to do whatever it takes to become the next online sensation.

Directed by Boy 2 Quizon, the film also stars Inigo Pascual, Patrick Sugui, and Kat Galang.

Watch the trailer below:

An official entry to the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) 2019, Ellenya L. opens in cinemas on September 13.

Meanwhile, Maris Racal has already changed her name on Twitter to Ellenya L.