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Gerald Anderson confirms he talked to Dennis Padilla

Gerald Anderson says he had a good conversation with Dennis Padilla



08/07/2019 11:01 AM
Gerald Anderson confirms he talked to Dennis Padilla
Photo credit: @dennisastig and @andersongeraldjr IG

Gerald Anderson confirmed through an interview with ABS-CBN News that he talked to Julia Barretto’s father Dennis Padilla.

Julia, who worked with Gerald in the film Between Maybes, was heavily bashed online after being accused as the reason for Gerald’s breakup with Bea Alonzo.

Dennis, whom Gerald described as a “concerned father,” called him.

“Si Sir Dennis, tumawag siya sa akin. Of course, he called me. I answered the phone. We had a good conversation. Tumawag siya kasi isa siyang concerned father. Anak niya ‘yun, e. Anak niya ‘yun,” he said.

“Siyempre, alam natin na grabe rin ‘yung bashing sa side nila. No one deserves that… We had a good conversation,” he added.

Rumors started to grow after Bea posted a cryptic message about her being fed up and said, “Enough.” Netizens concluded that her relationship with the actor was on the rocks.

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In a previous interview with Bea, she clarified that she and Gerald just started not talking.

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After Bea’s brief statement, Gerald broke his silence and clarified that there was no third party involved and they just had a big fight which caused him and Bea to split.

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Julia recently posted her statement regarding the issue and clarified that she did not cheat on her ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia and she had nothing to do with Bea and Gerald’s breakup.

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Gerald then praised Julia’s family for being united. Julia’s mother Marjorie and her sister Dani defended her from bashers when she made headlines.

“She has a very beautiful and nice family. One thing for sure is they’re very strong and united. It’s just unfortunate na nadamay and this happened. At least they’re all together,” he said.