Gretchen Barretto: “Team Bea for the win!”

Gretchen Barretto comments after niece Julia Barretto releases a statement regarding Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s breakup.



8/6/2019 9:52 PM
Gretchen Barretto: “Team Bea for the win!”

Photo credit: @gretchenbarretto and @juliabarretto on Instagram

Gretchen Barretto has aired her support for actress Bea Alonzo after her niece Julia Barretto released a statement for being dragged in the controversial issue of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s breakup.

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One netizen reposted Julia’s statement and another netizen tagged Gretchen in the said post.

Gretchen replied and said, “Team Bea for the win!”

“The fact that they hired a ghost writer for this post is hilarious & makes her sound desperate to salvage whatever is left,” she added.

Gretchen has previously expressed her support for her former Magkaribal co-star. She and Claudine sent Bea flowers when news of the breakup circulated on the internet.

Julia, who worked with Gerald in the movie Between Maybes, was accused by the public as the reason behind the celebrity couple’s split.