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Sharon Cuneta turns emotional as she receives first VIVA Icon award

Actress Sharon Cuneta shares that without the entertainment company, there would be no Megastar today.



8/5/2019 4:31 PM
Sharon Cuneta turns emotional as she receives first VIVA Icon award

"Kung walang Sharon, walang VIVA." These were the words of VIVA Chairman and CEO Vic Del Rosario as he presented the first-ever VIVA Icon Award to Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

At the #VIVAcon2019, Sharon Cuneta received the VIVA Icon Award for her invaluable contribution to television, film, recording, and concerts among others.

Sharon went on a trip down memory lane as she received the award, recalling how VIVA paved the way for the success that she has earned through the years.

"In 1981, I did Dear Heart for Sining Silangan. And after that, Sining Silangan was committed to do a movie starring Ate Vi. So they couldn't do a follow-up to Dear Heart - which we didn't really expect to be so well-received. And then, I was already a recording artist for VICOR which was Boss Vic's already," she told the crowd at the #VIVAcon2019.

Recalling how VIVA came into reality, she stated: "And then, my father picked up the phone kasi nung una hesitant siya. I think more than anything, he was afraid that I would be disappointed. So when he saw that the people liked me and my partner and the kind of movie that we did at the height of the 'bold' trend, we dared to do a wholesome movie and it was the kind that had never been done before."

"So my father picked up the phone and called Boss Vic. He said 'Vic, produce tayo ng pelikula' kasi being good businessmen, they knew timing was everything. And to not have a follow-up to Dear Heart would have been a very big mistake. So then, VIVA was established," she added.

The 53-year-old singer-actress thanked VIVA for molding her to become the megastar that she is today and for treating her as a family after all these years.

"I've been blessed to work with the best. They've always said that VIVA is Sharon and Sharon is VIVA. But truly, VIVA made me. After Dear Heart and VICOR, VIVA made me. And I will forever be grateful even if I don't see so many other people I grew up with in VIVA anymore when I bump into them, it's still the same," she said.

While Sharon Cuneta believes that the glory days of VIVA aren't over yet, she believes nothing would compare the kind of grandeur that she has experienced back in the days.

"And then backstage kanina, when this whole [Del Rosario] family joined me, I couldn't help but really cry kasi it felt like family all over again. The glory days of VIVA are not over. I think VIVA will just be more glorious in the future," she said.

She then went on: "But the kind of glorious that I experienced and the kind of glory days in the very beginning when it felt like Christmas every time we had a premiere night or when a movie was about to open in the theatres, I don't think I can ever feel that glory again. But congratulations VIVA," she remarked.

Before she received the award, Janine Tenoso, Kim Molina, and Katrina Velarde first serenaded her with renditions to some of her classic hits in an awe-inspiring vocal showdown.

On the other hand, Robin Padilla and Cherie Gil, whom she has worked with on several films, gave her messages as well.

Meanwhile, Sharon Cuneta teased that she has an upcoming film with VIVA coming out soon.

"I have a movie coming up with VIVA. Please wait for it," she said.