Inday Barretto defends granddaughter Julia against bashers

Inday Barretto says she wouldn’t just sit and watch people assassinate the young star's character.



8/3/2019 8:00 PM
Inday Barretto defends granddaughter Julia against bashers

Photo credits: @ juliabarretto IG

Another member of the Barretto family broke their silence to defend Julia Barretto against bashers who are chastising her for allegedly being the reason behind Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo’s breakup.

ABS-CBN News entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual posted a clip of Bea’s recent interview regarding their breakup and Inday Barretto addressed the bashers in the comments section.

"Hindi ako tumanda para lang maupo at pakinggan ang mga attack ng mga masasamang maligno kagaya mo. Lumabas ka at harapin mo ako harap-harapan. Tingnan natin kung kaya mo mang-bully," she told one basher.

"Really not everyone can be bullied, can be threatened, or can be made to pay for a debt that is not hers," she added.

Despite being plagued with intrigues; Julia has kept mum about the issue.

Inday said that they have nothing to do with the “Bea-Gerald brouhaha” but it already involved her granddaughter.

"The members of my family, thanks to God, are beautiful, well-bred, well-groomed, intelligent and articulate... do you honestly think they even have to flirt pa? I am not about to apologize for whatever blessing and talent God attributed to my family," she said.

Inday then clarified that she is not attacking Bea.

"Hindi si Bea ang kinagalitan ko dito - I love the girl and lovable siya," she said adding that they have met at a relative’s wake last March.






Julia’s mom Marjorie and sister Dani first came to her defense after the controversy broke out last week