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Lea Salonga handpicks her guests for her anniversary concert

Perfect Ten concert performer Lea Salonga shares her roster of special talents for the two-day only event.

Lea Salonga handpicks her guests for her anniversary concert-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/25/2019 10:08 AM
Lea Salonga handpicks her guests for her anniversary concert

With tickets already sold out for both days of her much anticipated concert Perfect Ten happening at Resorts World Manila, Lea Salonga said she was very hands on with this concert because it celebrates the milestones in her career. This includes choosing her special guests like American theater actor Michael K. Lee. “I’m singing duets with all of them so it’s going to be fun. Especially with Michael because we’ve done so many duets together so I think we’ve picked a few that makes sense to our individual and our history as two people that have worked together. I can’t say yet what we’re doing but it will make sense on the day,” she shared.

Also a guest is Ang Huling El Bimbo actress Tanya Manalang whom Lea has known since she was young. “She is kind of a mainstay here at Resorts World. She was in Miss Saigon as has herself gotten positive notices for having done that. Here’s a story about her, her house and my house—when I used to live with my mother—literally shared a wall. Like the back wall was shared. So I could hear her singing over the wall. If I was in a right spot in my house, I can hear a young woman singing and it turned out to be her. Not a bad thing. We’ve not filed any complaints with the neighborhood association or anything like that (laughs),” she recalled.

Lea also shared why she decided to include her daughter Nicole Chien in the show. “Yes Nicole is my daughter but this is something that she loves to do and well, her lola loves to watch her on stage so sige na pagbigyan (laughs). She’s actually somebody who has appeared in musicals here. She did Matilda and that’s a role that she worked hard to prepare for the auditions. Now she knows that it’s not a walk in the park and I want her to realize that this is not something easy to do,” she said.

Another young guest performer is Esang de Torres whom Lea first heard perform on the set of The Voice Kids back in 2015. “Esang was on my team on The Voice. That’s where I first heard her sing and then she has gone on to do Matilda as well for Atlantis and she has just been continuing to record and to appear. I just saw her and now she’s growing up to be this young lady and growing more beautiful and growing more talented. I love guesting her in concerts just because she’s so good,” she shared.

Among all her guests, Lea admitted it is Michael K. Lee whom she has performed the most with. “He has been my leading man quite a few times. I’ve not had an Asian leading man in a lot of shows not counting the films which I did here. We have done They’re Playing Our Song together, we’ve done Miss Saigon together, we did Allegiance together. He’s been my leading man three times. That’s kind of rare for somebody like me so we interact really well, we have great rapport with one another. And we have seen each other grow from our mid to late 20s until now that we both have families. Our friendship has grown even stronger over the years. And he’s just somebody who’s supremely talented. He’s just ridiculous and I wanted him to come and reacquaint himself with Filipino audiences. I think Michael still has fans from when he did They’re Playing Our Song here and I think they’re wanting to see what’s happened in the last 20 or so years,” she explained.

Lea Salonga’s Perfect Ten concert on August 30 and 31 is presented by Resorts World Manila in cooperation with Ultimate Shows, Inc. and Full House Theater Company, Inc., featuring the masterful stage direction of Floy Quintos, musical direction by Gerard Salonga, and together with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra.