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EXCLUSIVE: Dani Barretto is excited to give birth: ‘The whole pregnancy has been such a breeze!’

Soon-to-be mommy Dani Barretto talks about finally embracing motherhood this year.


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8/25/2019 10:14 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Dani Barretto is excited to give birth: ‘The whole pregnancy has been such a breeze!’

Photo credit: @danibarretto IG

As she finishes her third trimester, soon-to-be mom Dani Barretto said she is lucky to have had an easy pregnancy. “My due date is in a couple of weeks. To be honest, I have a due date pero hindi naman natin na-ta-target ang due date. Basta in a couple of weeks patapos na ako. I’m almost done. It’s been good. The whole pregnancy has been such a breeze. Parang hindi ako nahirapan. Buti naman thank God. Nagkasakit ako recently but the baby is healthy and the baby is fine so everything is on track again,” she shared during the Cetaphil National Healthy Skin Mission campaign held earlier this month in Makati City.

During the Cetaphil event, Dani shared that she has been dealing with a skin problem since she was four years old. “So ever since I actually grew up with it. I actually have episodes most especially when the weather is medyo erratic, mainit, malamig, ganyan. Ever since I’ve been using Cetaphil talaga. So it’s best to know your skin type kasi you just can’t experiment on products especially when you know your skin is sensitive like mine. You always need to ask questions most especially me, I’m a first time mom. I always call my mom for all the tips. So now I realize baka makuha ng baby ko yung eczema ko sadly. So ngayon alam ko na gagawin ko with stuff like that,” she said.

After getting married earlier this year, Dani said preparing for the baby has helped her and husband Xavi Panlilio grow even more close. “A lot of people try to scare us when we decided to get married but marriage has been great. Like we’ve been having so much fun and we’re so excited for the baby. Our relationship has matured because we needed to make a lot of more adult decisions compared to when we were mag-boyfriend. Siyempre nung mag-boyfriend kami we didn’t have to talk about money and all of that but now we have to make adult decisions together, compromise as well, and of course you’re living with a boy and I was so used to living with girls. So it’s different but we’ve been so blessed to be honest. Kasi parang hindi kami nahirapan all throughout, masyadong maraming support around us. Parang there was never a time na nahirapan kami,” she explained.

Dani also admits that another major change with their family is that she has to accept is being a certified mom as early as now. “Well wala na mommy na tawag sa akin. Parang nanay na nanay na daw ako (laughs). Nakuha ko na yung vibes na yun. But siguro ngayon nagbago lang yung treatment nila sa akin kasi buntis ako so everyone is so nice to me. So I’m just trying to take advantage of the last few weeks that I’m pregnant kasi lahat sila maalaga, hindi ako pinapagalaw,” she added.