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Mara Lopez on her mom Maria Isabel Lopez’s second marriage: ‘I’m too clingy as a daughter’

‘Mina-Anud’ actress Mara Lopez shares how things have changed in their family this year.



8/23/2019 11:43 AM
Mara Lopez on her mom Maria Isabel Lopez’s second marriage: ‘I’m too clingy as a daughter’

After her mom Maria Isabel Lopez got married to her longtime Jewish boyfriend last June in the US, Mara Lopez admitted that she has had to adjust to her new living situation now that her mother is based abroad with her new life. “I just got back from California. My mom got married. It’s different because she’s there now and may mga projects kami na sana makauwi siya for it. But for now, it’s our first time being apart. I guess it’s good for the both of us kasi I’m so attached to her talaga. She’s my best friend and I’m too clingy as a daughter. My stepdad naman, he’s so good. I love him. I’ve known him for six years,” she told PUSH.

After being part of the Cinemalaya film entry The Halt, Mara said she enjoyed playing the president’s hitman in the dystopic film which runs for more than four hours. “The film is set 50 years into the future where the Philippines doesn’t have light anymore because of a volcano that exploded. Wala ng daytime. So gabi lahat. The reviewers in Cannes said it’s really about the current Philippines. So I’m actually excited but also really nervous because this is the most controversial film I believe of Direk Lav Diaz. And it’s the shortest at four hours and a half (running time),” she said.

Mara said it was also her first time working with director Lav Diaz. “I’ve seen two of his films. Before I went into my day one of shooting, he said, ‘Try watching some of my films just so you know.’ It’s not like that helped me prepare or anything because I was still very nervous, but after the first scene where I had to open a bottle of wine and drink it, I asked direk if it was real wine. If you watch the movie, I had my friends play the game ‘How many glasses of wine did Mara Lopez drink in this movie (laughs)?’ I drank so much wine in this movie,” she said.

In her Regal films project Mina-Anud, Mara plays a more laidback character. “I’m a surfer girl here named Jessie and I’m one of the boys. So magkakabarkada kaming lahat and lahat ng fun scenes kami yun nila Dennis Trillo at Jerald Napoles. Lima kami. Pero kami rin yung nag-drug deal kasi nalaman namin and this is actually a real event that my friends experienced. And when this was happening, they said it was the best time to be alive because after this happened, they’ve never tried cocaine that was like that, that was so pure. Na-experience talaga nila ito. This was ten years ago. And the funny thing is, these things are still happening. A few weeks ago, meron naman sa Baler. It’s happening kasi siguro dini-dump nila kapag may coast guard, natatakot silang mahuli. It’s really happening,” she said.

Working on Mina-Anud, Mara said she was impressed by first time director Kerwin Go’s work. “For me, the nice thing about how the director told the story is even if it’s a dark and heavy story to tell, kasi siyempre it’s about a man who wants to provide for his family and who also wants to enjoy the finer things in life kung galing ka isang probinsya na walang wala kayo di ba? So he was able to tell the story and still put comic relief, siyempre may action, may surfing. He did it in a very entertaining way na may mga mabigat pa rin na scenes pero lahat ng eksena na may barkada is so fun. That’s why I had so much fun filming this film,” she added.

The talented actress is also part of the ABS-CBN series The Killer Bride where she plays lead actress Maja Salvador’s best friend.

“I’m always the best friend. It’s directed by Dado Lumibao. who I’ve worked with a lot of times. It’s been really good. I’ve worked with Maja na before. Si mama (Isabel Lopez) lagi niyang nanay. Sobrang chill niya. May isang scene putikan kami, hinahabol namin yung baboy sa mud pero sobrang chill niya,” she said.