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LGBTQ allies Luis Hontiveros and Addy Raj react to incident of transwoman denied use of female washroom

Luis Hontiveros and Addy Raj speak about the need of education and full acceptance on the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community in the Philippines.


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8/21/2019 11:27 AM
LGBTQ allies Luis Hontiveros and Addy Raj react to incident of transwoman denied use of female washroom

Photo credit: @luishontiveros7 IG and @addyrajofficial IG

Actors and LGBTQ allies Luis Hontiveros and Addy Raj gave their strong opinions about the current situation of the LGBTQIA+ rights in the Philippines. 

Following the recent case of Gretchen Diez, a transwoman who was denied use of the female restroom at a mall in Quezon City, Luis pointed out how the cisgender/straight people become too "entitled" of their privileges when it comes to this kind of situation.

"I just really think na it proves na in today's generation marami pa rin talaga ang ignorante sa mga ganitong bagay. Marami sa straight community ang feeling entitled sa kanilang or sa aming privileges bilang straight people. Knowing na ang banyo may pambabae at panglalaki lamang," Luis said during the press conference for the movie The Panti Sisters, yesterday August 20. 

The nephew of a senator also said that the blame should not be put to anyone, and continuous education and awareness on such an issue is needed. 

"I think what should be done here is continue to make people aware of such issues and educate. Kasi hindi pa rin natin masisi yung mga taong ignorante o hindi pa maintindihan yung mga ganitong issues, kasi we were educated by our culture and our beliefs, and from our education system [which] hindi talaga tayo kayang bigyan ng klarong explanation kung paano natin dapat i-handle o i-accept yung ganitong issue," he explained.

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Meanwhile, Luis' co-actor Addy Raj also admitted his frustration after watching Gretchen's Facebook live video which had shown how she was verbally assaulted and even handcuffed. 

"Sobrang nainis ako habang [pinapanood] yung video. Kasi they [don't] just belittling her for being a transgender but the woman even said, 'Hindi ka naman maganda.' You know, you don't say that to anyone," Addy said. 

The Indian actor-model has been joining events and causes for the gay rights movement in the Philippines. He was one of the celebrities who attended and marched with the community during the recent Metro Manila Pride Parade. 

At the same press conference Addy also get a chance to speak about his thoughts on the discrimination against the gay community, especially at workplace and showbiz industry. 

"I believe that more people should do that (be an ally) kasi napansin ko lang dito sa Pilipinas, people say that we accept LGBTQ and stuff like that, pero when it comes to actually applying it, I think sa trabaho kapag nakita sila, may discrimination sa totoong buhay, and wala silang magawa

"Lalo na ang mga gay actors, they are shy on openly supporting the LGBT because sa tingin nila they feel people will think that they're gay also," the actor said. 

As of now, a current bill or SOGIE Equality Bill which addresses the issues and the rights of LGBTQIA+ community is being lobbied at the senate, and still up for reading before it becomes a law. 

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Luis and Addy play as the cousins of the lead characters in the movie, The Panti Sisters. Directed by Jun Lana, this movie follows the story of three gay siblings, played by Paolo Ballesteros, Christian Bables, and Martin Del Rosario, who were asked by their father to give him a grandchild. 

The Panti Sisters is an entry to this year's Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino and will be shown in cinemas starting September 11.