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Enzo Pineda on maturing as an artist: ‘I’m not the best actor in my industry’

Enzo Pineda talks about his career path and dealing with older women.


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8/17/2019 11:38 AM
Enzo Pineda on maturing as an artist: ‘I’m not the best actor in my industry’

As he celebrates his tenth year in showbiz this year, Enzo Pineda admitted he has journeyed a long way since entering the industry via a talent show competition to playing the lead actor in the Cinemalaya film Malamaya. The 28-year-old actor explained why he decided to lose weight before shooting intimate scenes with his leading lady Sunshine Cruz. “For this film nag-effort ako magpapayat. Pero marami nga nagsasabi nun. Hindi ko alam kung dahil sa buhok ko, pero for the past films that I’m doing I lost a lot of weight. Pero sadya, tuloy tuloy ang workout. Nag-Japan ako recently, I actually gained 15 pounds sa lagay na ito. So slowly binabalik ko na ang normal weight ko,” he said.

His latest film had him playing a young lover to an older woman which Enzo said he has no previous experience yet with in real life. “I guess meron. Wala naman nagpaparamdan (laughs). Paano ko malalaman di ba? I don’t know. Wala naman. If ever naman, na-aappreciate ko sila,” he said.

Enzo said that when he likes somebody, he will not let them make the first move even if she is older than him. “Siyempre hindi naman ako ganun. Hindi naman puwede na yung babae ang nanliligaw. Dapat yung lalake yung nanliligaw. Siyempre dapat gentleman pa rin. I haven’t experienced eh na ganun yung situation. If ever man, hindi ko po alam,” he added.

Compared to his previous movie roles, Enzo said he has grown a lot especially after shooting Malamaya which fulfilled his wish of becoming part of Cinemalaya. “To be honest with everybody, aminado ako sa inyong lahat na I’m not the best actor in my industry pero I just really love acting. It’s my passion and that’s why I’m here taking a different role, taking a much daring role for Cinemalaya because I want to explore on my craft and I feel that as an actor I’ve grown a lot in terms of maturity, courage, and I just feel blessed to be part of this wonderful project and to be working with my idols. Idol ko si Raymond Bagatsing and Ms. Sunshine. Of course madami pa akong kailangan patunayan and I’m just really grateful to be part of this beautiful film. It really took a lot for me to do this. First time ko po itong gawin,” he shared.