Julia Barretto is now ready for the ‘next chapter’

Julia Barretto puts her issues behind her to start a new chapter in her life.



8/10/2019 12:42 PM
Julia Barretto is now ready for the ‘next chapter’

Photo credit: @juliabarretto IG

It seems like Julia Barretto has put everything in the past and is now ready to start anew.

Recently, the Block Z star made headlines after netizens chastised her for being the alleged reason behind the breakup of her Between Maybes co-star Gerald Anderson and his longtime girlfriend Bea Alonzo. This comes after Bea posted a cryptic message about being able to tolerate so much until it was ‘enough’ for her already.

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After the former couple aired their side, Julia took to Instagram to address the issue and vehemently denied her involvement in Bea and Gerald’s breakup.

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“Your heartbreak should have been a private matter, but you have selfishly turned it into something of national concern. Bea, you wanted to keep your hands clean by not mentioning me in your controversial post, but with a click of your finger, in your sly way, you have charged everybody to destroy me FOR YOU,” the actress wrote.

Her statement drew mixed reactions from the netizens, but this did not stop Julia from moving forward from the issue. She then posted a photo of herself and captioned, “Next chapter.”



Next chapter.

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Julia’s close friends and family cheered her on in the comments section.