Heart Evangelista shares a peek of her life in Sorsogon

In her new vlog, Heart opens up about her life as a 'politician's wife.'



7/9/2019 1:47 PM
Heart Evangelista shares a peek of her life in Sorsogon

Photo credit: @iamhearte on Instagram

Heart Evangelista has been flying in and out of Sorsogon most especially now that her husband Chiz Escudero has been elected as the town's governor. In her latest vlog, Heart opened up about her life when she visits the province. 

"I decided that it would be so cool to bring you guys along with me to my Sorsogon trips. Most of you know me as an actress, a painter but I never really opened up to you about my life as a politician's wife. And believe me it’s not as easy as it looks but I think it would be the most fulfilling. You get to meet so many people and actually inspire and make them smile," she said in her vlog.

In the video, Heart did a tour of their house in Sorsogon. She also visited a fan of hers with a health condition. She also showed how she supports her husband in his duties as a government official. 

According to Heart, there are many reason why she loves Sorsogon. "Here in Sorsogon maraming nagagawa. I usually come here when it's my birthday. We go in Bulusan lake. Usually buong barkada dinadala namin dito for just to cook ganyan. My husband and my dad come here to cook. And I have dogs here," she said. 


She added, "I really love it here and I really enjoy the life, very relaxed and ang sarap ng pagkain."