Denise Laurel shows off her Valentina look



07/07/2019 10:39 AM
Denise Laurel shows off her Valentina look
Photo credit: @d_laurel IG

After Lisa Soberano’s departure from the role of Darna, there has been much talk about who would make a worthy replacement. But unlike most stars, it looks like Denise Laurel is more interested in the role of Darna’s arch nemesis Valentina. Last July 5, she donned the iconic Pinay villain’s headdress of snakes during her recent guesting for Tonight With Boy Abunda. Whether she wore it as a dare or for more serious intentions, netizens were quick to point out how perfect the versatile actress is for the role. No word yet from Darna director Jerrold Tarog on when the new official cast lineup will be announced.