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‘Who’s bigger?’: Kris Aquino gamely responds to netizen’s question about her exes

"Akala mo uurungan ko 'yung tanong 'no?," said Kris Aquino as she gamely answered a fan on who's "bigger" between her former partners Phillip Salvador and James Yap.



7/5/2019 12:57 PM
‘Who’s bigger?’: Kris Aquino gamely responds to netizen’s question about her exes

Photo credit: @krisaquino/ @jamesyap18 on Inatagram/ The Unknown Gazette/FILE

"Akala mo uurungan ko 'yung tanong 'no?"

This was how Kris Aquino concluded her statement as she gamely answered a fan's naughty question about her former partners Phillip Salvador and James Yap. 


“Stay strong, make them wonder how you’re still smiling.” i don’t want doctors who have been compassionate towards me to later on be questioned. Before we fly, may i clearly state: i have severe allergies (most dangerous of all my conditions because of anaphylaxis meaning magsasara ang air passages & hindi na ko makakahinga); hypertension (mostly under control except the week before & the first 3 days of my menstrual period); migraines (problematic to treat because of my NSAID allergy); chronic spontaneous urticaria (taking 5 different antihistamines daily, EpiPen on standby & diphenhydramine shots for when “nagmapa na ang hives”); and fibromyalgia. we are flying for more tests to determine why i have symptoms & blood test results seeming to confirm 2 autoimmune disorders SLE (a form of Lupus) and Thyroiditis (no matter the skill of my makeup artists, my right eyeball is protruding, the iris is much bigger and there’s pronounced hollowing in my neck, some of you commented on a previous post that there was a visible lump, i didn’t catch that & blamed myself for not having worn something covering my neck). The problem is the weight loss which runs counter to both conditions because both lupus & hypothyroidism (my blood panel indicates hypo not hyper) should be making me bloat- before writing this i weighed myself, i am 63.5 inches tall (or short)/ 161.3 in cm; i now weigh 113 lbs or 51.25 kilos. My weight had been in the 127 to 135 lbs range (57.6 to 61.2 kilos)- in my work, 120 to 122 lbs (55 kilos) would be ideal. i wrote this because i still vividly recall how courageous my mom was when stage 4 cancer was her diagnosis. i am not typical, and i choose to reveal ALL rather than have half truths & lies spread about me. we are flying to Singapore because i am also doing a drug/medicine challenge test. Everything, especially those needed in any emergency procedure or operation and for post op care, will be tested with an emergency medical team on standby. Only after i get through that will i do my other tests. nothing added & nothing subtracted. #mytruth

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It started on Thursday when the Queen of All Media cited the genes of her exes as a factor in the height growth of her kids on Instagram. According to Kris, Josh, her 24-year-old son with Phillip, now stands 6-foot-2, while Bimby, her child with James, is already 5-foot-10 at the mere age of 12. 

“Yes, genetics matter... But sleeping early and drinking milk are also vital to help achieve maximum growth,” she said.



"[Phillip] is 5’11 to the best of my memory. [Bimb's] dad, I believe, is about 6’3"," she added. 

Unsurprisingly, this enumeration of numbers from the actress elicited several comments from her followers, one of which bluntly asked who is "bigger" between the actor and the basketball star. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, Kris replied, "Since wala na ‘kong balak na masilayan pa hanggang kamatayan — care bears na ‘diba?"

It's no secret that Kris hasn’t had a friendly relationship towards either Phillip or James for a long while now. 

In February, she blasted Phillip for taking part in a banter with Senator Christopher "Bong" Go about their past relationship during a campaign sortie in Davao City.

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Meanwhile, Kris has been similarly estranged from her former husband James following a series of legal feuds involving their son. The two have been separated since 2012.