Saab Magalona thanks mall in QC for returning lost phone

Saab Magalona couldn’t believe she would get her phone back after losing it for twenty minutes.



7/5/2019 8:09 PM
Saab Magalona thanks mall in QC for returning lost phone

Photo credit: @saabmagalona on Instagram

Truth be told, nothing feels more awful than losing a phone full of important stuff. And most of the time, the chances of getting it back aren’t as big as most of us think. But that wasn’t the case for Saab Magalona who found a good Samaritan after losing her phone.

On Twitter, Saab Magalona thanked a mall in Quezon City for returning her phone after losing it for almost half an hour. 

The 30-year-old singer-actress, who went out to watch a movie, apparently left her phone inside the cinema. But little did she know that her phone would still be there even after having left it for 20 minutes. And yes, the staff personally handed it over to her. 

“I love @ayalamalls Vertis North!! I left my phone in the cinema for a good 20 mins before I realized it AND THE STAFF GAVE IT BACK WHEN WE RETURNED FOR IT! Can you believe?! Thank you,” the Cheats vocalist wrote. 

Saab is pregnant with her third child with husband Jim Bacarro.