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‘It’s crazy’: Lea Salonga shares excitement as she teases ‘very interesting’ Voice Kids blinds

Lea Salonga teased that the upcoming season of ‘The Voice Kids’ boasts a ‘good crop of good kids.’



7/4/2019 11:30 AM
‘It’s crazy’: Lea Salonga shares excitement as she teases ‘very interesting’ Voice Kids blinds

Returning The Voice coach Lea Salonga, who feels as if she and her fellow coaches Bamboo and Sarah Geronimo never left even after an almost two-year break from the show, shared her thoughts about the new set of contestants on the upcoming season of The Voice Kids.

“Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. But they all seem like good kids. They all seem like driven, hardworking but just good human beings,” she said during the digital presscon and set visit of The Voice Kids, describing the hopefuls for this season.

She then went on: “At the end of the day, I’m praying for that because I mean the talent will get them in and all that. But then, you hope that during coaching sessions and rehearsals and stuff that they keep a good head on their shoulders and that they’re not blinded by all of these. It’s crazy but yeah, I think we have a good crop of good kids, just good solid human beings.”

When asked if she thinks this season made it difficult for them to convince the kids who to pick as a coach, Lea Salonga revealed that she and her fellow coaches interestingly that the kids already have a coach in mind even before asking who to choose among the three of them. 

“The thing that we found is that a lot of the kids desidido na sila kung sino ‘yung coach ang pipiliin nila. But then, if that coach doesn’t turn, then it gets a little dicey. She then added: “It’s been a very interesting blind audition,” she said. 

While getting past through the blind auditions is a feat in itself, Coach Lea believes it’s a never-ending battle to improve as everything that happens on the show is unpredictable. 

“And then, there are kids who are great in rehearsals and then all of a sudden once they know we’re here, the performance changes or something falters and the nerves get the better of them. And then there are some who in rehearsals are like ‘uhm yeah’ which I don’t get to hear. We just hear it na lang from the staff and once they’re up on the stage and they know we’re here and the audience is here, something in them clicks. Like the hype, the pressure turns them on and that gets exciting. It’s exciting for everybody in the studio because even we can’t predict it’s about to happen,” she said. 

The Voice Kids Season 4 premieres this August 10 on ABS-CBN.