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Claudine Barretto posts message to ‘users’: ‘I’ve had enough!’

Actress Claudine Barretto shared she has been agitated by so called users in her life and says she is done being abused by them.



7/28/2019 9:53 AM
Claudine Barretto posts message to ‘users’: ‘I’ve had enough!’

Photo credit: @claubarretto IG

Claudine Barretto took to Instagram to vent out and share that she's had enough with people remembering her only when they need her.

In her post, the Optimum Star shared a quote saying, “Oh I’m sorry. I forgot I only exist when you need something” and captioned it with, “I’m done! I can only do and take so much.”



I’m Done! I can only do and take so much.

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The actress did not give more details about her situation and her followers got curious about what she is pertaining to.  Her eldest sister Gretchen Barretto however had a telling comment that had netizens guessing. 

“Correct. Do not allow others to abuse your kindness. Is it the mother daughter team (laughing emoji),” Gretchen said. 

Claudine only replied, “Thank God I have you.”

After a long standing feud with her family, Gretchen reunited with her youngest sister early this year and stated in interviews that she is thankful to finally have Claudine by her side. 

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“It’s something I could not admit to anybody, I couldn’t even talk about Claudine for the longest time but that day I found myself just uttering the truth. No pride, no whatsoever. I wasn’t thinking of whatever happened in the past. All I remember was I held her in my arms…I just embraced her and I said ‘I’m sorry.’”