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Enchong Dee shares the sweetest thing anyone has done for him

Actor-athlete Enchong Dee talks about his career, love life, and why he hasn’t found a Ms. Right.


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7/27/2019 10:45 AM
Enchong Dee shares the sweetest thing anyone has done for him

Photo credit: @juliabarretto IG

After a solo trip to Switzerland earlier this year, Enchong Dee said his recent vacation has only made him want to visit even more places in Europe soon. “Dream ko yung trip na yun. I want to treat myself to places that I haven’t been to, that I haven’t experienced. And it’s not just me, it’s also my family. I want them to experience all the hard work I did for the past 13 years,” he said.

Now that he is not just an actor but a businessman and enterpreneur, Enchong said that his goal is not to become rich but also to enjoy his earnings as well. “Tingin lang ng tao yun. Pero sinabi ko kasi sa sarili ko nung pumasok ako ng 30, e-enjoyin ko yung buhay ko, e-enjoyin ko yung pinagtrabahuan ko. For the longest time nagta-trabaho lang tayo di ba? So ngayon parang dahil may konting naipon ka, you have the freedom but it doesn’t mean na meron ako ipon iwawaldas ko na. It’s more of budget pa rin, marunong pa rin tayo mag-budget,” he explained.

Still admittedly single, Enchong said he is still hoping to meet the right partner in the future. “Siguro pinagdadasal ko sana na balang araw I can do a trip with a love life. Masaya rin yung ganun. I went on a date last year but it’s more of tinanong ko yung sarili ko, ‘Is it worth it? Do you really want it?’ And alam ko sa sarili ko na I’m still enjoying my life. I still want to do a lot of things in my life. May oras tayo para diyan. But for now, I really have these goals and sabi ko nga, feeling ko naman tatanda ako hanggang 100 years old. So meron pa akong 70 years for a love life. Well hopefully. Seryoso talaga. I really want to live until 100,” he said. 

The 29-year-old actor said it is not true he is very picky with girls. “Hindi naman. Wala siya actually particular trait. I think hindi mo siya puwede i-peg. It will just happen. Mahirap eh. Ako personally I don’t like it because paano kung sabihin ko gusto ko sexy? Paano na yung iba na yung pakiramdam nila hindi sila sexy? So ayoko ng ganun,” he explained.

Enchong also shared what he considers the sweetest thing anyone has done for him. “When someone tells me, ‘I’ll pray for you.’ I really appreciate it and I really feel happy. There’s a certain of joy when someone says that to me,” he added.