Toni Gonzaga receives YouTube’s Gold Play Button award

Toni Gonzaga thanks her sister Alex for pushing her to create a channel.



7/24/2019 11:10 AM
Toni Gonzaga receives YouTube’s Gold Play Button award

Photo credit: @celestinegonzaga on Instagram

Toni Gonzaga happily shared on Instagram that she has already received another award from YouTube and that is the Gold Play Button Award.

The Gold Play Button Award is given to the creators who have reached a million subscribers.

Toni welcomed her 35th birthday then by entering the world of vlogging and what impressed netizens was she already gained over a million subscribers in less than a year. 

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She then thanked the online community and her sister Alex for encouraging her to make her own YouTube channel. Alex is also popular on YouTube and already has almost 4 million subscribers.


“Thank you for welcoming a newbie like me in your community netizens! [Alex] thank you for pushing me to create my own. Feeling millennial na talaga. Cool na ba?” she wrote.

In Toni’s vlog, she shares her insights about life, family, and love. She also features some of her special bonding moments with her family.