WATCH: Take a tour of Team Kramer's mansion

Watch Team Kramer's home tour video

WATCH: Take a tour of Team Kramer's mansion-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


07/21/2019 02:40 PM
WATCH: Take a tour of Team Kramer's mansion

Team Kramer uploaded a tour video of their  mansion on Saturday, July 21. The family shared the different parts of their new home from the living room, to the kitchen area, to their bedrooms, and to their pool area.

In the video, Doug Kramer revealed that they built an elevator inside their new mansion. There is also a billiard area for Doug and his friends, and a playroom for his kids in their new home.

There is also a gym and a cinema room. Cheska has her own walk-in closet as well.

The family also built 4 rooms for their house helpers.

"If we are to part with any message it is that this house is a collaboration between husband and wife. Don't forget that this house maybe spacious but it is a home that we built together. We hope we gonna create a lot more memories," Doug said.

Cheska added, "Of course we thank the Lord for blessing and for providing for our family. And I hope we continue to be that way to be always hopeful and dependent to God."