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EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia on her response to bashers: ‘Just pray for their souls’

Teen singer Ylona Garcia shares her secret to being inspired in life.


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7/17/2019 10:48 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia on her response to bashers: ‘Just pray for their souls’

As one of the most followed teen celebrities in the country, Ylona Garcia said she just wants to show her genuine self on her social media accounts. “I didn’t want my feed to be too bright. I wanted to make sure that it was colorful and that it’s not just for #feedgoals but it’s also there to show my journey as an artist and growth in becoming the artist that I’m meant to be as I’m set to become a lady very, very soon. I’ll be turning 18 next year but I’m still a 12-year-old at mind (laughs) or 30-year-old at mind, there’s no in between,” she shared during her Instax Mini pictorial. 

As one of the new teen endorsers for the popular camera brand, Ylona said she loves to do anything that can show her creativity. “It’s a huge honor for me and it’s something that I feel is so effortless to endorse because because with my job as an artist, it’s to always showcase who we are as people and our personalities and I think the best way to do it is by taking pictures. In taking a good photo, as long as you feel gorgeous there’s no tricks needed. Actually I think that’s the number one trick of all, to just feel gorgeous and then you’ll look gorgeous and then you’ll become gorgeous,” she shared.

With a more positive outlook in life this year, Ylona admitted she is constantly trying to improve herself. “I think my secret isn’t really a secret because the answer is always just going to be right in front of you. Honestly it’s just to look forward, move forward, and always try to be the best version of yourself. When people try to bring you down, just let them do their thing. Maybe they’re the ones who need the help, maybe they’re the ones that need the most attention because there’s something wrong with their brains. Just pray for them. Pray for their souls. And when it comes to each decision you make, make sure sure that you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally aligned. Include that in every decision you make. Always ask yourself questions like, ‘Will this help me in the future?’ Am I truly going to be happy?’ ‘Is this going to help me in the long run?’. Always ask yourself these questions and make sure to reflect on yourself,” she said.