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EXCLUSIVE: Thou Reyes shares his list of his favorite directors

Talented artist Thou Reyes ventures into directing while taking inspiration from his idols in the industry.


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7/16/2019 10:23 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Thou Reyes shares his list of his favorite directors

After taking a film production course and directing his first short film Paper Heart earlier this year, Thou Reyes said it has only given him more confidence to venture into doing more directing projects in the future. “I just really wanted to present a clean and decent film for our output, never expected that recognitions will be given. It was a good boost to my self-esteem too. Aside from the awards and film grant that I received, I was caught off guard when they showed my film that same evening for everyone to see. I’ve seen my work so many times but I’m still smiling every time I get to watch it with friends,” he told PUSH.

Thou said that he got guidance in the industry after being taken under the wing of Johnny Manahan of Star Magic. “Mister M is my first mentor. I remember when he told me that I don’t need to study more because I basically grew up in front of the camera, then I explained why I needed to do it and he said that one key to direction is being able to know how to talk to your actors,” he said.

The aspiring director first got the idea to go behind the camera because of director Rory Quintos. “Direk Rory is such an inspiration, because I witnessed how she takes care of everyone, actors, staff and talents. She makes sure that everyone is comfortable at work. She explains the story and she makes you think,” he said. He also cited younger auteur May Cruz Alviar as an inspiration. “She is a darling to work with. She talks to you in and out of the set. Talks about life and how one should never give up on his/her dream,” he added.

Having worked on numerous films as a versatile actor, Thou said he is also inspired by local directors with different genres like Cathy Garcia-Molina and Richard Somes. “Direk Cathy is a collaborative director. When she offered the role of Takong (in Pangako Sa ‘Yo) to me, she gave me the freedom to put a back story to it. She said, ‘Sige, gawin natin ung naisip mo, tapos tignan natin kung magwowork’. She has this special way of making small gestures to have a big impact. That made me start to put attention to details. Si direk Richard naman is a man of action. He will never show a lack of energy on the set, which makes his actors pump up the the entire shooting day. He is such a hype man in the set. Validating your work each scene, which is a good boost for the actors. Took that trait from him and it works wonders for my actors. It’s like you’re very appreciative of the work that they’re doing. Even for the staff. A good word will never go wrong from time to time,” he explained.