Winwyn Marquez flies to Japan alone to watch concert of K-Pop group BTS

Winwyn Marquez even brought her own ARMY bomb to the show!

Winwyn Marquez flies to Japan alone to watch concert of K-Pop group BTS-PUSH TEAM


07/15/2019 02:33 PM
Winwyn Marquez flies to Japan alone to watch concert of K-Pop group BTS
Photo credit: winwynsituation's YouTube Channel/ Getty Images

As if her fangirling at the BTS ARMY Fest 2019 wasn't enough to prove how big of a BTS fan she is, Winwyn Marquez flew to Japan to watch the last stop of K-Pop group BTS' Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' concert tour in Shizouka.

Having taken fangirling to a whole new level, Winwyn showed to her fans in a series of tweets how dedicated she is a BTS ARMY. 

While Winwyn had to endure the inconsistent climate in Japan as she dealt with hot and cold weather throughout the show, that didn't stop her from enjoying the boys' performance. 

See tweets below:




True to being an ARMY, Winwyn also brought with her to the show BTS' official light stick called the ARMY bomb. 




With several fans asking her to share photos and videos from the show, Winwyn explained she couldn't as she had to follow the rules after two fans got kicked out of the venue. 


Reiterating her delight over the experience, she wrote in another tweet, "No words guys. No words. I saw them also na malapit as in clear talaga ah dahil sa sinakyan nila sa last part and ..."


She also shared a video of her having fun with J-ARMYs as she watched the boys dance to their hits.


And yes, she watched the show alone!

"Sorry guys for flooding. I can't believe natuloy ako plus I went here alone ... legit adventure," she wrote.


A day before watching the concert in Shizouka, Winwyn shared a video from her BTS ARMY FEST 2019 experience, which she uploaded on her YouTube channel. 

"It's been so much fun getting to meet with fellow BTS fans at last month's ARMY Fest. Iba talaga when you spend the day just coming together and singing and dancing along with people who love the same things. Next year uli," she wrote in the caption. 

Watch the video below:

Winwyn, the daughter of actors Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno, was the first-ever Filipina who won Reina Hispanoamericana. 

BTS, dubbed as one of the biggest K-Pop groups, is the group behind "Boy with Luv," "Fake Love," "DNA," and "MIC DROP."