WATCH: Alex Gonzaga’s ‘morning routine’

Actress Alex Gonzaga uploaded her 'morning routine' video which had her subscribers on YouTube laughing out loud.



7/15/2019 4:24 PM
WATCH: Alex Gonzaga’s ‘morning routine’

Alex Gonzaga uploaded another hilarious video on YouTube last weekend, this time documenting her "morning routine."

The actress-vlogger documented her activities from brushing her teeth in the morning, to choosing her outfit of the day, and to making her favorite breakfast meal. The video has already garnered more than 800k views as of this writing. 

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Netizens were quick to comment on how the video made them happy. 

"I was about to go offline but then I saw this.  Labyah ate Alex, you're my happy pill," one netizen wrote.

Another netizen commented, "We love watching your vlog!  So funny! By the way, we love oatmeal too. Stay pretty!"