Melai Cantiveros explains her way of disciplining her kids

Melai Cantiveros would have her daughters kneel, face the wall, and recite a prayer as a way of punishing them for their wrongdoings.



7/15/2019 8:40 AM
Melai Cantiveros explains her way of disciplining her kids

Photo credit: @mrandmrsfrancisco on Instagram

On Instagram, Melai Cantiveros shared a photo of her kids Mela and Stela facing the wall while kneeling as a punishment for quarreling with each other. 

According to the General Santos-native, each time she does something wrong as a kid, her parents would have her kneel on salt and recite a prayer. 

"Kami sa una pag gaaway mi diretsu luhod tapos sabayan ug asin ang tuhod sabay ampo," the Magandang Buhay host wrote, sharing to her one million followers how her parents tried to discipline her growing up. 

Melai, on her part, makes her kids face the wall and kneel but without the salt. The former PBB Big Winner said she would later explain to them why they were punished to help them understand the consequences of their actions and grow up with the right values. 

"Karun kay English na #FaceTheWall na, sabay japun Ampo ug sorry sa usag usa, tapos realization nganu giparusahan, para makakat on ug pohon mangadagko sila, mudako nga naay maayu nga pamatasan . Tama man," she added, writing in Bisaya. 

See photo below:


Several netizens, mostly Bisayas, agreed with Melai's way of disciplining her kids.