WATCH: Daniela Mondragon’s luggage raid

The Gold Squad raids Daniela Mondragon’s famous luggage.

WATCH: Daniela Mondragon’s luggage raid-PUSH TEAM


07/10/2019 07:06 PM
WATCH: Daniela Mondragon’s luggage raid

The Gold Squad team, composed of Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, Seth Fedalin and Andrea Brillantes, uploaded another entertaining video on their YouTube channel. This time, they invited Dimples Romana a.k.a. Daniela Mondragon for a "luggage raid."

Inside the luggage were Daniela's famous wig, golden bananas, belt, red dress, portrait of Robert (Albert Martinez), and money, among others.

Dimples took the opportunity to extend her gratitude to everyone who have been watching Kadenang Ginto. The Gold Squad team also gave their message for Dimples, which made the actress emotional.

"Gusto ko lang sabihin na I am so proud of you guys parang basta ang galing nyo at ang babait niyo," Dimples said while being teary-eyed.